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The Billy Meier hoax photographs


Seen above, a shot of Billy Meier‘s “weddingcake” craft, allegedly an extraterrestrial device. A strange appendage is circled in blue. What could it possibly be?

According to The Billy Meier case: more conclusive “smoking gun” proof of deception, that’s just the handle of a garbage can lid that can be found on Meier’s farm:


Read the full analysis for much more details. But maybe the best part is the “explanation” given by Meier (or his aliens) for why the lower part of an alleged alien craft looks exactly like a garbage can lid, complete with a handle. From Meier’s 254th Contact Report, November 28, 1995:

Ptaah: “. . . As far back as the 1920s we worked with flying devices you have named the ‘Wedding Cake Ship,’ … we endeavored to transmit all of the necessary data regarding the vehicles’ shape to terrestrial scientists, in the form of telepathic impulses, to assist them in developing flying disks on Earth … We thoroughly investigated the entire situation and discovered that the old, newly re-emerged drawings were used for the design and production of these receptacle covers. … This, then, is how the shape of the container covers came about, which, as I mentioned earlier, strikingly resemble the lower rim section and undercarriage on our flying devices.”

It’s more ridiculous than his excuses as to why his photos of the pretty Pleiadian girls were exactly like dancers from the Dean Martin show. Photographing an American show on TV and claiming it was a real contact with aliens is also not much different from photographing a book illustration and claiming it was from a time travel trip. Click the image below to check “SpaceTimeNews” comparison:


But I digress. Knowing how Meier created his alien ship, and having a photograph of an enthusiast on his farm proudly holding a garbage can lid (probably assuming it was obviously different, which it is not), tempted me to use some Photoshop skills to correctly scale the Weddingcake craft. The result:


Once again, I recommend the reading of The Billy Meier case: more conclusive “smoking gun” proof of deception for more on Meier’s garbage affair. Also, please note the man above is not Meier, and the actual model created over the garbage lid is not golden, but silver. The montage is just to show scale. And get some laughs from all of this.

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Fermi, what paradox?


According to physicist Robert A. Freitas, Jr., There Is No Fermi Paradox:

Less than 10% of the Earth’s surface, 1% of the Moon, 0.1% of Mars, and 10-7% of Venus (total 5 x 107 km2) has been surveyed to 1- to 10-m visible resolution. This leaves 99.96% of Solar System surface area (1.3 x 1011 km2) unexamined for likely artifacts. Interplanetary spacecraft and ground-based telescopes have photographed portions of some planets and asteroids down to 20-km resolution, plus a few tracts on some outer planet moons to 1-10 km. Objects buried or submerged are undetectable with current instrumentation. Large artificial habitats in the asteroid belt (Papagiannis, 1978) would appear visually indistinguishable from natural objects, especially since the belt population itself is poorly cataloged. The assertion that a resident artifact would alert us to its presence is an unwarranted, unsupportable, and untenable assumption.

Very reasonable. In my humble opinion, assuming a galactic civilization would be noticed is not that unwarranted, unsupportable nor untenable, but it’s indeed necessary to remind just how limited our search for extraterrestrial intelligence has been so far.

We can only discard with some confidence civilizations of Type III. But there may still be some Type II civilizations out there, and possibly countless of Type I. We would still not be noticing them. The Fermi Paradox assumes at least one civilization should have evolved to Type III by now.

We are still Type 0! Nada!

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The Human Marvels: Mirin Dajo


“Presenting factual, plausible and sometimes near impossible prodigious, curious and eccentric human beings who stands as examples of the sheer variety of humankind”. It’s The Human Marvels website.

Shown above, Dutch Fakir Mirin Dajo. In 1947, at the Corso Theatre in Zurich, he allowed an assistant to plunge a fencing foil right through his body. The foil appeared to have pierced several vital organs and yet, the fakir remained relatively unharmed. Needless to say, people were shocked, amazed and terrified by what they saw.

The doctors could find no evidence of trickery but many still refused to believe what they saw. Mirin Dajo agreed to an x-ray with the foil in place. The resulting image confirmed the legitimacy of his abilities.

It is important to note that his unique skill may have resulted in his demise on May 26, 1948. An autopsy revealed that Dajo died of an aortic rupture.

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I believe I can fly

Everyone has an underdeveloped gift to levitate through the amazing yogic flying. According to Wikipedia:

“While sitting cross-legged or in a “lotus” position, Yogic Flyers hop about on springy mats. The TM organization says this is the first of three stages of Yogic Flying called “the perfection of leaping like a frog”. The organization emphasizes that only the first stage of Yogic Flying has been shown … Proponents of Yogic Flying claim that world peace and many other social and environmental benefits can be generated by having at least seven thousand yogic flyers around the world hopping at the same time.”

Shoko Asahara, leader of the Japanese Aum cult, allegedly gained notoriety showing his gift.

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Georgia Shoots at UFO, Really A Russian Satellite


From James Oberg post on the Whispers discussion forum:

More confusion about stuff in the sky…

The government of Georgia claimed last week to have shot down an intruding Russian aircraft over the disputed Caucasus area called Abkhazia. Now it appears they were really shooting at a Russian craft — but it was a re-entering satellite eighty kilometers overhead. Good shooting — or good imaginative bragging — Georgian air defense forces!

Mr. Molczan, a world-renowned Canadian amateur satellite tracker, has confirmed the report from Georgia that the falling, flaming object last week was NOT a Russian aircraft but a falling satellite.

A report earlier today from Sukhumi made that claim. But they provided no identification of which satellite was burning up.

It happened to be Russian, according to Molczan, who has granted permission for his name and conclusions to be cited in the press. He identifies it as Kosmos-2427.

Based on that satellite’s mission, it is my own view that the entry was a deliberate de-orbit at the nominal end of its mission. But Abkhazia was the last thing on the mind of the controllers at the Titov Center at Krasnoznamensk, southwest of moscow, who sent the commands to the satellite to turn on its rocket engine and brake its forward speed. They were performing their job normally and safely.

Here are links about the Titov satellite control center:

Information anout Mr. Molczan’s activities can be found here, for example: http://satobs.org/seesat/Aug-2007/index.html  

All teasing aside — reentering satellites have often been mistaken by pilots and ground observers to be much closer than they actually are. They have sparked some famous ‘UFO sightings’ over the decades, too. A Russian rocket entering over Colorado last year set off excited reports from hundreds of witnesses, many of whom were sure it was a falling airplane on fire.

Jim Oberg
Houston, Texas

Links on ‘crashed aircraft’ story:

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