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Forteana on parade

Amazing Japanese video with funny references to many classic Forteana, from cryptozoology to UFOs and ghosts.

As some of them are only famous in Japan, I compiled a list in order of appearance:

  1. Mothman;
  2. Chupacabras;
  3. Bigfoot (with a ghost face in the background);
  4. Tsuchinoko (crypto-creature famous in Japan);
  5. Nessie (hand, this was a nice one);
  6. Alien with FBI/KGB/Gestapo agents (actually a “Talk of the Times” newspaper hoax);
  7. Flatwoods Monster;
  8. The Doll with growing hair (another typically Japanese Forteana);
  9. Aliens play with cattle mutilations and…
  10. Crop circles, by drawing Doraemon;
  11. A play on a famous Australian sea serpent photo;
  12. An explanation for Japan’s mystery guardrail metal shards;
  13. The standing Lesser Panda that was the sensation in the land of the rising Sun.

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Mind under matter


The biggest illusion is not ‘Matrix’, a virtual world of experiences that only happen inside your mind. No, the biggest illusion is your own mind, specifically your consciousness and something called free will. You have lived this illusion your whole life, even now, as you read these lines.

After discovering it, there’s no going back. You take the red pill by knowing how science has been uncovering this illusion for decades, but the ‘Matrix’ do not seems to want you to discover the truth. And it’s accessible to anyone, really.

Click on the red pill to continue reading.


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What killed Kennedy

Watch above a stabilized version of the (very graphic) Zapruder film. Viewing it this way, one can notice something seemingly bizarre.

Shortly after passing the sign, John Kennedy is hit from behind by the first shot, and he moves his arms. It’s looks as if he was stung on the neck — in fact the bullet went through his body and ended up hitting the governor in the front seat.

Kennedy does some more movements, and then, what looks bizarre, stays completely still and neatly seated. Has he been replaced by a robot? Or, as some people actually claim, is this evidence that the Zapruder film has been heavily doctored?

There is actually an explanation for Kennedy’s strange reactions while being shot. A few years ago, it has been revealed that the good-looking, seemingly healthy commander-in-chief was in fact severely ill and needed to take several drugs, mostly to be able to deal with the pain. JFK had terrible back problems and one of his biggest secrets was that he had to use a cumbersome steel back brace that supported his upper body.

On the day that he was killed, Kennedy was using the corset, as one of the doctors who assisted him testified. And this is the cruel irony of the situation, because had he not been using the supporting corset to hide his illness from the public, he would have been probably thrown ahead after being hit by the first shot. A shot which, as we noticed, went straight through his body — and didn’t hit any vital organ.

The doctors speculated that Kennedy would probably survive the wounds inflicted by this first shot. He would be agonizing or perhaps, as the film suggest, would have passed out, but the important thing is that he would be lying down or sideways after the first shot while the car continued to run.

But with the back brace, the president stood straight even after the first shot from the back, even after passing out and stopping to move. This helped Lee Harvey Oswald, who would then hit him an instantly fatal shot on the head.

So, if it was Oswald who actually shot Kennedy, it was his back brace that made him an almost literal sitting duck. If he didn’t use it, he would have probably survived from the assassination attempt.

More about Kennedy’s secret illness can be seen on “The World’s Most Photographed“.

Incidentally, F.D. Roosevelt was paraplegic, and like Kennedy, used a series of steel braces in public to be able to hide his condition. Curiously, Roosevelt and Kennedy are among the most popular US presidents of the twentieth century.

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Caribbean UFOs strike back

Not nearly as good as the original hoax, but this new series of videos add some interesting tricks.

via Greyhunter and ufofu.

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The Mowing Devil and the Cursing Farmer


The Mowing Devil pamphlet is often quoted as evidence that the crop circle phenomenon may have been going on for centuries.

Swirled News has an informative article by Andy Thomas, The ‘Mowing Devil’ Investigated, where he tracks the many versions and confirms the existence of the original.

But perhaps even more revealing is the transcription of the full story of the pamphlet quoted on an article by Francesco Grassi. It can be read on the end of this Italian page on CICAP, and if that is indeed the full original story, then it obviously has very little to do with crop circles, and a lot with religious and moral anecdotes.

Incidentally, why there are no actually mowed crop circles? That could be a little harder to do, but it would certainly be something new, as over two decades of crop circles pretty much exhausted most of what you can do pictorially stamping crop around.

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