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The Pyramids, the Nile and the Extraterrestrials

The image above is not some Photoshop job or a perspective trick. It’s the photograph of one of the Nile’s flood taken on October 1937 — check the full-size original here, from Tufts University.

Though everyone may have learnt on high school (or even elementary) that the floods of the river Nile were a fundamental element of the Ancient Egypt civilization, the real meaning of this doesn’t quite get to many, probably for a very simple reason. They no longer happen as before.

In 1970, with help from Soviet Union, the Egyptians completed the ambitious high Aswan dam, one of the biggest in the world which tamed the second largest river in the planet. It was on this occasion that many ancient temples were moved, as their original locations were flooded, like the famous Abu Simbel, reconstructed some 65 meters higher, or Dendur, 800 tons moved to New York.

After the dam was completed, the floods were controlled and near the pyramids, where there were periodical floods before, flourished a densely populated city.

Coincidentally“, the Nile’s water periodically neared the Gizeh plateau and the pyramids were built on its margins. One cannot help but think that that may have greatly helped moving stones from the quarries, as Herodotus had alreay said.

This is one coincidence that many mystery sellers like to ignore. Other images from the Nile’s floods before the Aswan dam can be seen here and here.

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Identified Videos

What may look as an intriguing UFO video — with the object clearly moving — is nothing more than… Venus! Part of the series of Identified Objects by fellow Chilean researcher Marcelo Moya, the movement of the planet here is only apparent:

“I made it myself by slightly moving the videocamera, leaving the wall as a reference point, and without losing this “UFO King” from sight, as they call it.”

Moya also made some experimentation with a simple point of light reflected on a transparent glass bigger than the frame of the video:

Note how the point of light seems to fade when it goes “behind” the wires. But that’s just clever trickery, it’s nothing more than a changing reflection.

Moya also recorded the quick flight of the International Space Station over his head:

These are valuable examples of known IFO videos. They may not look as impressive as the Haitian or the Italian hoaxed videos, but misindentifications and hoaxes as simple as these are much more common and may fool many.

Other references of IFOs are available on Caelestia, or the IFO Database.

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“Operation Saucer”: New Revelations


In the years of 1977 and 1978, locals of northern Brazil were terrorized by what they described as luminous and vampire balls of light, a phenomenon soon nicknamed “chupa-chupa“, meaning “suck-suck”. The panic reached great proportions and led to the creation of a military operation of the Brazilian Air force dedicated to investigate the subject. Called “Operation Saucer”, it would become one of the biggest “ufology” stories in Brazil, mainly after in 1997 its commander, Uyrange Hollanda, publicly confirmed his participation in the operation. Recently, the episode was revisited in a popular Brazilian TV show, “Linha Direta“, and was also one of the subjects of a series of documentaries from History Channel, titled “The Brazilian Roswell“.

But little concrete evidence is known about the operation. To the “Linha Direta” TV show, the Brazilian Air Force stated that the operation had been the result of personal interest from those involved, and that it only had some reports of one of the members of the operation. And the author of mostly all reports was Sergeant João Flávio de Freitas Costa. Unfortunately, Flávio Costa passed away in 1993, without giving greater details of his participation in the Operation, then still officially secret.

Even Flávio Costa’s death became subject of speculations regarding “alien implants” — which commander Uyrangê Hollanda later claimed to have had –, and it was investigating these claims that we met Fernando Costa, the son of sergeant Flávio Costa. To our surprise, Fernando Costa not only was already exposing such unfounded stories on the rather mundane death of his father, he was also ready to reveal valuable information on little known aspects of the Operation. The following interview was conducted in collaboration with journalist Jeferson Martinho, from the Brazilian electronic magazine Vigilia:

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Boiling oil Aliens


The story that Francisco Henrique de Souza, nicknamed “Januncio”, told late ufologist Bob Pratt is somewhat unique. One night of January 1979, he was walking home alone on Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

Around the middle of his way, he decided to lit a cigarette. That was his mistake, as that apparently caught the attention of an overhead flying saucer that started to follow him very closely. He was terrorized.

“Januncio” described the object as cylindrical, around 6-7 meters in height and 3-4 meters in diameter. It was extremely close to him, only a couple of meters over his head, and he described seeing two people inside, a man and a woman, seated. “The woman looked like she was wearing a dress”.

The object emitted a light that somehow sucked Januncio. To avoid being captured by the light, he grabbed a palm tree as best as he could — in the photo above, Januncio shows the bizarre situation.

“The light was very hot and I was scared”, he said. The suction from the light was very strong and despite firmly grasping the tree, Januncio was being lifted from the ground. “This happened some five times. Up and down, up and down… My chest was all scratched”. He started to cry and thought he was going to die.

“Then, when the man and woman saw that I was not leaving the tree, they threw something like boiling oil on me, to release me from the tree. I felt I was between the fire and the frying pan. I couldn’t move. The thing burned my arms and hurt me a lot, but I was afraid of leaving the tree”.

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Unusual articles on Wikipedia


Wikipedia actually has a page listing “valuable contributions to the encyclopedia, but [that] are somewhat odd, whimsical, or something you wouldn’t expect to find in Encyclopædia Britannica or similar”.

It’s worth hours and hours of lurking through fascinanting entries such as the village of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch (complete name sign above), Toynbee tiles, Project Mohole, the mythical Utah teapot, the Man-eating Tree

In short, Forteana on the Web 2.0.

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