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The Saint

Pedro Gomes Nogueira Filho on the day of his baptism, besides his wife and kid

Comment: The halo around the head of Mr. Nogueira Filho is actually in front of it, and is a full circle. There are at least two explanations for it.

It could be an “orb”, a dust particle near the lens reflecting the flash light.

Or it could be a lens flare from a light source on the upper left of the picture, which didn’t show up but may have been captured by the outermost lenses of the camera.

In any case, the second circle over the head of Mrs. Nogueira Filho suggests it’s not anything supernatural. Only a divine coincidence.

With thanks to Pedro Nogueira Filho for sending the nice picture!

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CARET Drones finally marketing

If they weren’t, now they are: PC manufacturer Alienware is releasing two notebooks, the Area-51 m15x and Area-51 m17x, with CARET glyphs on their backs.

And the marketing campaign for them include an “alien” message to decipher with further CARET glyphs and symbols.

So, even though the whole didn’t turn out to be a viral marketing campaign, it was too close to it that it was destined to be used that way.

The interesting thing is that some marketing and/or design company is effectively using the CARET myth without permission from its creators. Unless you believe it was actually real and the royalties should be paid in more human abductees to the Grays.

Otherwise, the original hoaxers may be slightly uncomfortable with people using such a nice creation for profit, not just a great hoax. Or not, they surely didn’t seem uncomfortable with helping Coast2Coast and Linda Moulton Howe with their shows.

UPDATE: Amelia over at mysterious universe points that “banzai” at the OpenMindsForum has contacted Alienware over this, receiving the following reply:

Hi ________,
Thank you for your email. It’s great to hear that our promotion has reach out to you and your Forum group regarding the CARET document. Alienware did NOT create the information regarding this phenomena or the CARAT linguistics. This is NOT an intellectual property of Alienware. The information has anonymously spread throughout the web for some time. We have taken the CARAT linguistics and have applied this as a marketing tool to draw attention to our promotion.
Director of PR Communications
Alienware Corporation
Tel: 305-xxx-xxxx

Note the repeated  misspelling of CARET (“CARAT”). Another user at the OMF also pointed that the glyphs used by Alienware are a bad reproduction of the originals, which does seem to be true — note many asymmetries in the engraving above, mainly in the “A” and the “R” glyph. The last and the second glyphs, from right to left.

All suggests Alienware is indeed only using the public domain hoax as a marketing tool, with no involvement with the original creation. As they claim themselves.

UPDATE 2: The laptops were unveiled today, and Engadget has a photo gallery of the event. Nothing new, except that they continued to use CARET glyphs. But apart from the “Alienware” translated to the glyphs on the back of the machine, the laptops seem to make no reference to CARET.


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Military flares and the Phoenix Lights

On October 7, 1993, the camera crew of Julio Trazzi Martins, after a day of shooting, was returning to the city of Sao Thome das letras, south of the Minas Gerais state, Brazil. After going through the city of Cruzilia, at around 7:30PM, they noticed some lights in the sky.

They stopped the vehicle and started to record everything. In his testimony, Trazzi confirmed that he heard the sound of distant and muffed explosions.

After several analyses, it was confirmed that the lights filmed were military flares, shot by cannons of the ESA — Sergeant’s Arms School — from the Brazilian Army, that was in the Traning Base of Gaviao Peak, 45 km away from the cameraman. At the time, it was thought the lights were UFOs.

On March 13, 1997, on Phoenix, Arizona, USA, several witnesses saw something strange in the sky which to this day remains unidentified. That same night, after this sighting, several lights appeared in the sky, which were witnessed by hundreds, perhaps thousands of people. Many of them recorded the event.

Physicist Bruce Maccabee analyzed three videos of the same event, taken from different points. By triangulation, Dr. Maccabee came to the conclusion that these lights were at a distance of approximately 120km, on a military training range, and concluded that the lights were military flares, launched by an airplane.

TV INFA was not in Phoenix examining the facts. We just included the Phoenix lights footage because they have a similar behavior to the Sao Thome das Letras military flares, though they do have a longer duration, which suggests another model was used, with greater light intensity and longer time of burning.

It’s up to the rest of the researchers to conclude if Dr. Maccabee conclusions are correct or not.

[from Brazilian TV INFA, reproduction kindly authorized]

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Stone Balls of Costa Rica


Check out John Hoopes’ webpage, “created to help dispel nonsense being spread about these objects and to foster a serious interest in protecting them as cultural heritage.”

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The Shock Doctrine

The electroshock treatment actually benefits some patients, and is used to this day, though with a different name, since Hollywood made it an icon of inhuman methods — the lobotomy, on the other hand, was truly a stupid procedure and is no longer used.

Much the same, some of what they present in the short film above is slightly exaggerated. But it’ worth watching anyway. [via Posthuman Blues]

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