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Winged cats: the (not at all) terrible truth

“A Chinese woman claims her cat has grown wings. Granny Feng’s tom cat has sprouted two hairy 4ins long wings, reports the Huashang News. “At first, they were just two bumps, but they started to grow quickly, and after a month there were two wings,” she said. Feng, of Xianyang city, Shaanxi province, says the wings, which contain bones, make her pet look like a ‘cat angel’. Her explanation is that the cat sprouted the wings after being sexually harassed. “A month ago, many female cats in heat came to harass him, and then the wings started to grow,” she said.” [Ananova]

This is old news I blogged in Portuguese long ago, but anyway. Winged cats are indeed real, but the not at all terrible truth is that the appendages are not actual wings. As many may guess, some “wings” are just matted fur or congenital malformations, like and extra limb that may looke like a “wing”. Nothing very interesting.

What is interesting is that a third explanation for winged cats, which seems to fit Mrs. Feng’s one, is the feline cutaneous asthenia (FCA), linked to the phenomenon by the English Fortean, Karl Shuker.

The condition, which has a conterpart in humans, makes the skin extremely elastic, like rubber. It can end up stretching in long appendages, and in cats, those — always appearing in the backs of the creatures — may also have links with underneath muscles. When the cats run, a curious scene with a kitten with seemingly flapping wings my be seen.

If stretched too much, the cat’s “wings” may fall, without much bleeding or pain to the animal. Its aspect is described as resembling cardboard to the touch, which may have led Feng to think it had some bones. Below, a photo of an English case in the 1970s:

This article by Sarah Hartwell in Messybeast has a lot of information in images. The photo above comes from an article by Shuker on Fortean Times 168.

Winged cats, believe it nor not, are as real as horned people.

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