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Mirin Dajo in motion

Excerpt with footage and attempted explanations to the feats of Mirin Dajo, who actually pierced his torso with swords, and whom we already blogged about earlier.

The excerpt above doesn’t mention that his unique skill may have resulted in his demise on May 26, 1948, shortly after he started his extraordinary stunt. An autopsy revealed that Dajo died of an aortic rupture.

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  1. Dr Mabuse December 2nd, 2007 10:52 am

    It is hard to fathom the mechanism by which the swallowed needle would cause an aortic rupture. The structures involved are separate organs, and there seems to be no direct way a swallowed object could cause an aortic rupture without severely damaging the septum & tissues separating the stomach/esophagus from the heart wall. Are you saying the needle punctured his aorta?

    Expected causes of death would be peritonitis, internal bleeding from the puncture wounds or other problems directly-related to his injuries. Did the coroner determine in the autopsy that the aortic rupture was caused by the needle? I cannot find any literature that states this.

    Under normal circumstances, he should have died when they thrust the fencing blades through his torso, or from the wounds caused thereby. I’m interested as to how the idea that the swallowed needle caused his death has been determined?

    There are many cases of people who swallow foreign objects, either as a performance feat or through mental illness. I’m not aware that aortic rupture is a common result of this.

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