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Peru meteorite: a 10 ton chondrite?


Alan Boyle’s Cosmic Log has a very informative item on the meteorite crater in Peru, “Sparks fly over meteorite“, dealing with the adventures of Michael Farmer, the “meteorite guy“.

Farmer apparently went to Peru days after the event and managed to buy samples of the meteorite from the locals. But things soon went tense, and he had to flee the country in a “a slight international incident”. Peruvians are not happy at all.

Meanwhile, Farmer revealed some details of analysis done on the samples he got, which allegedly confirm it was indeed a meteor.

“It’s probably the largest chondrite meteorite to have fallen,” Farmer said. He said the mass could be as much as 10 tons – which would be like a moving van falling from orbit. “It will be talked about for many years in the meteorite world,” Farmer predicted.

That would explain the strangeness of the crater, and would be a lesson for the initial outright dismissals of the crater as a meteor impact given its appearance.

And it doesn’t stop there. One more interesting item, though also pending further confirmation is a picture shared by Farmer of what’s supposed to be the smoke trail from the meteor:


Farmer claims he is not the only one who managed to get samples and take them out of Peru. And as analysis are already being done worldwide, the crater in Peru is still, as it seems, untouched, which may ruin much of what may be there.

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