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Psychic butts in the head


“The Future: the Superbrain
The region of the brain responsible for the memory, consciousness and complex thought will develop itself, enlarging the forehead. On schools, telepathy and telekinesis skills will be trained. Brain tissue transplants will be performed in case of sickness and accidents. Anesthetics will be applied with electrodes.”

I found this on a science magazine published in Brazil in the beggining of the 1990s, titled “Descobrir” (Discovery), though I’m not certain if it was a translation of Discovery magazine (I guess not). I couldn’t help, I had to share it.

As you can see, the illustrator is one Joe Lawrence, but I couldn’t find any reference to him on the internet. There are a lot of other illustrations by him about the future, very paleo-future like, and the magazine wasn’t that much for wild paranormal claims, which only makes this gem much more priceless.

“O brave new world! That has such people in’t!”

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  1. Aramis September 25th, 2007 12:04 am

    I look like that already.

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