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The Human Marvels: Mirin Dajo


“Presenting factual, plausible and sometimes near impossible prodigious, curious and eccentric human beings who stands as examples of the sheer variety of humankind”. It’s The Human Marvels website.

Shown above, Dutch Fakir Mirin Dajo. In 1947, at the Corso Theatre in Zurich, he allowed an assistant to plunge a fencing foil right through his body. The foil appeared to have pierced several vital organs and yet, the fakir remained relatively unharmed. Needless to say, people were shocked, amazed and terrified by what they saw.

The doctors could find no evidence of trickery but many still refused to believe what they saw. Mirin Dajo agreed to an x-ray with the foil in place. The resulting image confirmed the legitimacy of his abilities.

It is important to note that his unique skill may have resulted in his demise on May 26, 1948. An autopsy revealed that Dajo died of an aortic rupture.

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