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The Pyramids, the Nile and the Extraterrestrials

The image above is not some Photoshop job or a perspective trick. It’s the photograph of one of the Nile’s flood taken on October 1937 — check the full-size original here, from Tufts University.

Though everyone may have learnt on high school (or even elementary) that the floods of the river Nile were a fundamental element of the Ancient Egypt civilization, the real meaning of this doesn’t quite get to many, probably for a very simple reason. They no longer happen as before.

In 1970, with help from Soviet Union, the Egyptians completed the ambitious high Aswan dam, one of the biggest in the world which tamed the second largest river in the planet. It was on this occasion that many ancient temples were moved, as their original locations were flooded, like the famous Abu Simbel, reconstructed some 65 meters higher, or Dendur, 800 tons moved to New York.

After the dam was completed, the floods were controlled and near the pyramids, where there were periodical floods before, flourished a densely populated city.

Coincidentally“, the Nile’s water periodically neared the Gizeh plateau and the pyramids were built on its margins. One cannot help but think that that may have greatly helped moving stones from the quarries, as Herodotus had alreay said.

This is one coincidence that many mystery sellers like to ignore. Other images from the Nile’s floods before the Aswan dam can be seen here and here.

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