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The Myth of Man the Killer


One of the most dangerous errors of our time is the belief that human beings are uniquely violent animals, barely restrained from committing atrocities on each other by the constraints of ethics, religion, and the state.

It may seem odd to some to dispute this, given the apparently ceaseless flow of atrocity reports from Bosnia, Somalia, Lebanon and Los Angeles that we suffer every day. But, in fact, a very little study of animal ethology (and some application of ethological methods to human behavior) suffices to show the unbiased mind that human beings are not especially violent animals.”

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Also: Military leaders know a secret: The vast majority of people are overwhelmingly reluctant to take a human life.

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  2. Jace February 16th, 2013 5:00 pm

    I’m not entirely convinced, but this is an interesting read, nonetheless. I think the recognition is poor, of exactly how much damage is done by a statistically small, but still large, population of sociopaths in both government AND business (the corporate environment being a key omitted element of human violence, because it’s, mistakenly, not viewed as violence or murder).

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