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A very tall ghost


Cláudio Gargano kindly sent the image and told us:

“This photo was taken inside a moving bus. On the glasses you can see the reflection of my wife, who took the picture, and also one more person outside the bus window. The height of the window is about two meters… The photo was taken by a digital camera, and it’s not a hoax.”

Cláudio wrote how the image was stunning, and it really is!

There are many reflections on his glasses, and analysis shows no sign of hoaxing indeed. But it also allowed us to suggest an explanation for this mysterious giant man.

Notice how the reflection on each lens is slightly different. That would be hard to hoax.

A careful look also reveals that there are actually two mysterious men, pointed by numbers 1 and 2. And number 2 is clearly inside the bus! Wow!

After much contemplation, we think we finally decoded this and identified the mysterious men.

Those are just the seats of the bus. The head of mysterious man #1 could have been either something outside the window, or simply the shades. Mysterious man #2 head is probably an actual head of a fellow passenger.

A very interesting case of pareidolia, where it’s difficult to see something beyond what looks at first sight to be a mysterious gaint man.

[with thanks to Cláudio Gargano]

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  1. weeaboo July 13th, 2012 7:52 pm

    Slenderman! lol

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