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Tesla Turbine with CDs

The genius who created the base for the modern system of energy generation and transmission also invented a bladeless turbine, properly called “Tesla Turbine“.

In an age where the design of propellers did not had the help of computer simulations, Nikola Tesla simply got rid of them by using a completely different phenomenon to propel his turbine. Composed of several plain discs, the torque is produced by the viscosity of the fluid flowing along the surface of the discs. They not only rotate, but end up rotating at a speed far superior to most conventional propellers.

Unfortunately, the turbine also has its drawbacks, as the revolutions are so great that no material at his time would stand the stresses of sheer centrifugal force. Even today, its application is very limited, and is mainly used as a pump.

But you may try some of the genius of the underdog inventor by making a Tesla turbine with CDs… check the video above. It’s actually of no practical use, but it does spin so fast that it may even disintegrate. Do that properly protected and then give your mad scientist laugh.

Of course, you could simply flick a light switch to pay homage to Tesla and his legacy, but this is much cooler.

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