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Angels: photographic proof


Click above to see more undeniable physical evidence that angels do exist. The description in Portuguese reads:

“See the incredible photos taken on the night of October 10 by two different people with two different cameras …  The images speak for themselves. The next day, always at sunset, new photos were taken by Regina, as fantastic as the ones taken the day before.”

Amazing, huh? Perhaps not, and you’ll have realized these are just insects no more than a couple of feet away from the camera, slightly unfocused and reflecting the flash. Digital cameras have a greater depth of field, meaning they can capture small things very near the lens.

The effect is similar to the one seen in this image, and identical to this one, with a moth.

[hat tip to ufologist Claudeir Covo for suggesting the link]

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  1. dizzle November 4th, 2007 3:03 am

    looks like focus-blurred insects to me

  2. SilentPhantom November 14th, 2007 12:12 am

    I was about to say the same, but then I read the entire article (quick read) and realized it was to display the effect.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. […] The old ones also looked clearly fake, but those were other times. If only people strived to hoax fairy images rather than UFOs, we would at least have a more artistically pleasing corpus of evidence to wonder by. Not just insects. […]

  4. Katie May 29th, 2008 2:58 pm

    They are bugs. Nice effect though. Geez, I HOPE that angels aren’t little bugs flying around close to camera lenses.

  5. Cryptomundo » Carnivorous Flying Mammal? January 13th, 2009 4:24 pm

    […] the link to his blog that talks of these […]

  6. katanabarnett (katana barnett) January 14th, 2009 3:31 am

    Angels, still, have not been photographed but THESE have! http://tinyurl.com/6wnb8o

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