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Bin Laden speaks English in new video. Fake, BTW

There have been many doubts about the recent Osama Bin Laden videos, with people questioning for instance why his references to current events are audio only — the video freezes for most of the time. As a “proof of concept” supporting the idea the videos were faked, the above video was created with a surprise: Bin Laden says he’s very SCARY, in plain English.

It’s indeed very possible that the Bin Laden videos could be faked. The technology exists. Besides conventional and mostly manual computer manipulation, there are techniques like the ones developed by Volker Blanz:

With more resources, it’s not only plausible but extremely probable that the Bin Laden videos could be faked. But the obvious and important question is: were they?

We unfortunately live in times in which such important questions are not subject to open and scientific analysis. For instance, recently the identity of a white plane seen flying over Washington on 9/11 was pretty much confirmed by CNN as an E-4B. But as CNN also mentioned, nowhere in the 9/11 Comission report the plane is mentioned.

Obviously, the Comission knew about it — otherwise, it would have been an unthinkable level of incompetence –, but for national security reasons, deliberately omitted it.

Even if 9/11 wasn’t an “inside job”, which I don’t think it was, with such secrecy mistakes and manipulation are bound to happen. And those who doubt official statements are fully justified in doing so.

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