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The Saint

Pedro Gomes Nogueira Filho on the day of his baptism, besides his wife and kid

Comment: The halo around the head of Mr. Nogueira Filho is actually in front of it, and is a full circle. There are at least two explanations for it.

It could be an “orb”, a dust particle near the lens reflecting the flash light.

Or it could be a lens flare from a light source on the upper left of the picture, which didn’t show up but may have been captured by the outermost lenses of the camera.

In any case, the second circle over the head of Mrs. Nogueira Filho suggests it’s not anything supernatural. Only a divine coincidence.

With thanks to Pedro Nogueira Filho for sending the nice picture!

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  1. nixesha December 26th, 2008 7:07 pm

    There was a circular reflection of light behind him. It’s no big deal; like viewing a lightbulb over someone’s head.

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