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Amazing: CARET/Chad drone inspired by X-Men!


The CARET story has been keeping the internet abuzz, where you can read a lot of interesting discussion on the OpenMindForums or AboveTopSecret. It was originally sent to C2C and Earthfiles.

Now Carlos Relva, a fellow Brazilian of the Enigmas da Humanidade website just sent me this huge find: apparently on the “X-Men: Evolution” animated series there was a ship extremely similar to the CARET “drones”.

And the important thing is, the episode featuring that ship, as far as I could check, was aired in August 2, 2003 “Target-X” was aired on September 13, 2003. The original “Chad” drone images were published in May, 2007.

Check below a short clip of the ship:

You can find more clips here (between 02:40 and 03:20), here (02:25~02:40) and here (right at the end).

Relva tells me he watched the episode and noted the similarity, but also says that he remember having read about that on some other place he can’t remember (can anyone find it?).

Regardless of who first discovered it (and as far as I know, it may have been Carlos Relva himself), it’s amazing to find such similarity.

It seems that this ship in X-Men was from the secret and rogue government group that created Wolverine, related to the “X-23” character introduced in the episode, so it also fits. Could it be that the CARET drones are indeed a viral, but for X-Men, Wolverine or something?

Given that it was originally thought that they were a viral for the Transformers movie (or even for the Halo 3 game), and those weren’t confirmed — and so far, have been pretty much disconfirmed — we may also doubt again that it’s a viral for X-Men… whatever.

But at the very least, the hoaxers were inspired by this ship, from the concentric ring, to the spikes above it, even the arms, which in this “original” are folded down (more similar to the “Big Basin” drone).


You could already tell the hoaxers were geeks from the fact they tried to mix ufology with Sillicon Valley culture (PACL-PARC), but who would have thought they were fans of “X-Men: Evolution”?

UPDATE: I watched both episodes where the character “X-23” is featured, and contrary to what I assumed first, the ship was featured on his second appearance, episode “Target-X”, aired September 13, 2003. Good thing is, I captured all the scenes with the ship:

The similarities to the CARET drones are obvious. A basic disc, or even ring, around which there are lower arms, and topped by spikes. Even the natural landscape background for the X-Men ship is similar to those where the CARET drones were featured.

Once again, considering the CARET hoaxers are very probably computer geeks, capable of creating quite nice computer models; and who also tried to mix ufology’s conspiracy theories with Silicon Valley culture, it just fits that they would be inspired on an nnovative design by an animated TV series like “X-Men: Evolution”.

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  3. Manny Vega November 20th, 2007 2:14 pm

    I am afraid you are late as this was covered by OM and ATF months ago . It was strong to me the influence however so is the influence of a cieling fan if you come to think of it..
    Sid miers would be a better influence in terms of the industrial that is obviously in use here..The only think missing is the electricalcord and on of switch

  4. L E V I A T H A N November 22nd, 2007 12:58 am

    Utter garbage. The original Drones are more locked into this reality than you are. They are older and will out last you too. The Drones and Isaac info are not by children for children. Know it and know it now.

  5. K R A K E N November 26th, 2007 5:45 pm



    Now is the time of our reckoning! hahahaha. Drones real? Maybe, i’m not sold. Fake? Possibly. But uh… let’s not get our shitstained panties in a bunch now, Leviathan. Hahaha. “Know it and know it now!” Hahahahaha. So how old are the drones dude? And are when will there be a version of the Drones that are both by and for children? Haha. Thank you so much for that.

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  7. Snap January 18th, 2008 3:29 am

    I’ve been looking through all critical analysis of the CARET documents I can find. I do not have a position one way or the other on whether they are authentic.

    To claim something is “obvous” (above: the similarities to the CARET drones are obvious) is a red flag. A stand in front of me in this room has similar features. This is very weak grounds for dismissal. The documents remain as interesting as the first time I saw them.

  8. j w wright April 24th, 2008 4:22 pm

    many things vaguely resemble other things, are light bulbs a hoax because they sort of kinda look like a pear or eggplant? this is another example of rubbish passing for explanation. the drone project is in obvious lockdown, there wont be another sighting. if this were a hoax, we would have seen many more “photos” by now, but so far, nothing. this doesnt fit any hoax profile.

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    […] I think this is as real as the Drones have ever got. They may have been originally inspired by an X-Men episode, but in any event, as long as they keep exploring it this way, I sure enjoy the […]

  10. Jim Nightshade May 16th, 2010 3:53 am

    Yeh i have to agree that this supposed resemblence to an x-men cartoon proves nothing either way—all it does is leave no doubt which side this site believes in–now to me the x-men cartoon object looks like a ripoff from the empire strikes back-remember the satellite seeker droid that luke n han destroyed on hoth? So does that means the hoaxers are even bigger star wars geeks? haha–there is as much conjecture without proof here as allegedly in the actual caret doc/drone pix imho-

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