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And the CGI UFO videos keep coming


That’s actually the second video created by the author, the first one we showed here. All made after the biggest UFO sensation on Youtube ever.

If you take a look at the video channel of the author of the video above you may see how he created many other CGI videos of common airplanes. Did he create the original Haitian/Dominican UFO videos? Probably not. Another spoof also had the same features, and it was made by a Japanese guy, who does not claim authorship for the originals.

So we have at least two people that within days made similar copies of the original videos and also shared them on Youtube.

The Japanese guy, “Wancoco“, gives some details. He used Vue 5 (not the more recent Vue 6), and “the time for rendering [the video on a computer] is about 11hours (720*480px,300frame). But for editing is 3 hours“.

The fact that even the previous version of the software, released in 2005 as far as I can tell, already allowed anyone to create such videos suggests the only thing that was stopping this avalanche of fakes was an easy way to share them.

Youtube is not only for cats playing piano, it seems.

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