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Best "UFO" photo ever


Well, at least the best “UFO” photo I have ever received. “JP” sent me the image above with the following report:

“These photos were taken on May 25, 2006, on route BR324 near Pe de Serra, Bahia. I was going around a hill when I saw the image of the first photo (flying saucer). I stopped the car and took the picture from inside the vehicle, sticking my head outside. Soon afterwards I tried to take another photo, but I couldn’t and the object was gone. … And these are the images I’m sending for you to analyze. They were taken with a Siemens Cf75 cellphone. Please report your findings to me as soon as possible, as that object had me scratching my head.”

Besides what looks like a metallic disc on a cloudy sky, there are also what appears to be some letters in the image… I asked JP about it. He replied:

“I have no idea, and I had already noticed those letters … When I took the picture I was squatted near my car to hide from the sun! I tried to relate [the letters] to the stickers on may car’s windows! But I really don’t know! And I’m as puzzled as you! I have no interest on this UFO story. But what I saw was really strange. I still have the third image of the horizon, and if you want I can send it.”

Well, I finally realized that the letters were for “KAISER a cerveja nota 10” [“Kaiser the first grade beer”]. I wrote JP about it, but never got any further reply from him.

From the beggining the suspicion was that the image was taken from a magazine, since besides the letters, there’s a soft X going around the image. I thought at first that maybe things printed on the other side of the magazine page were appearing. But like alleged reflections of window stickers (!), they should have appeared inverted. The letters were not inverted.

tableufo325hjk Then it clicked. It’s just a white plastic table. From Kaiser beer, the promotional table is probably from a bar, and the alleged UFO is just the hole in the middle of the table. The X runnind around and the letters are actually part of the table’s surface. 

A very funny joke. I never imagined that a hole could be a “UFO”.

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  3. Required Name October 13th, 2008 8:25 am

    So the letters don’t say “Surrender Dorothy” then. That would’ve been cooler.

  4. […] From my part, if the photo was taken instead through the windshield, then as with the previous GPS UFO example, the object may appear much larger than it actually is. It could even be, instead of a disc or part of a larger object, in fact a hole in the dashboard, similar to the best “UFO” photo ever. […]

  5. Anonymus April 28th, 2011 10:46 pm

    look at the top right corner.you can tell its a round table

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