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CARET Drones finally marketing

If they weren’t, now they are: PC manufacturer Alienware is releasing two notebooks, the Area-51 m15x and Area-51 m17x, with CARET glyphs on their backs.

And the marketing campaign for them include an “alien” message to decipher with further CARET glyphs and symbols.

So, even though the whole didn’t turn out to be a viral marketing campaign, it was too close to it that it was destined to be used that way.

The interesting thing is that some marketing and/or design company is effectively using the CARET myth without permission from its creators. Unless you believe it was actually real and the royalties should be paid in more human abductees to the Grays.

Otherwise, the original hoaxers may be slightly uncomfortable with people using such a nice creation for profit, not just a great hoax. Or not, they surely didn’t seem uncomfortable with helping Coast2Coast and Linda Moulton Howe with their shows.

UPDATE: Amelia over at mysterious universe points that “banzai” at the OpenMindsForum has contacted Alienware over this, receiving the following reply:

Hi ________,
Thank you for your email. It’s great to hear that our promotion has reach out to you and your Forum group regarding the CARET document. Alienware did NOT create the information regarding this phenomena or the CARAT linguistics. This is NOT an intellectual property of Alienware. The information has anonymously spread throughout the web for some time. We have taken the CARAT linguistics and have applied this as a marketing tool to draw attention to our promotion.
Director of PR Communications
Alienware Corporation
Tel: 305-xxx-xxxx

Note the repeated  misspelling of CARET (“CARAT”). Another user at the OMF also pointed that the glyphs used by Alienware are a bad reproduction of the originals, which does seem to be true — note many asymmetries in the engraving above, mainly in the “A” and the “R” glyph. The last and the second glyphs, from right to left.

All suggests Alienware is indeed only using the public domain hoax as a marketing tool, with no involvement with the original creation. As they claim themselves.

UPDATE 2: The laptops were unveiled today, and Engadget has a photo gallery of the event. Nothing new, except that they continued to use CARET glyphs. But apart from the “Alienware” translated to the glyphs on the back of the machine, the laptops seem to make no reference to CARET.


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  1. me November 18th, 2007 8:00 pm

    Well that’s some old news. What did you think, that those in the UFO – drone/Isaac forums weren’t trying to win the game and solve the problem.

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  4. alienware? November 19th, 2007 2:17 pm

    alienware needs all the help it can get…take a look at bidreaper.com for some alienware problems exposed…

  5. Manny vega November 19th, 2007 5:13 pm

    You missed that the misspellings are an allusion to CARAT the premier owner of Carat Fusion and Isobar and Ammo Marketing, who I have written to with no response from Ammo, who did a WOM campaign on Majestic. Caratfusion has done virals for Alienware..,all part of Buzzmetrics network now..pick your virus

    Sys_Config at ATS/OMF/CBF/AC/posthumanblues

  6. […] course! It’s so obvious! The CARET drone saga was a viral marketing campaign for Alienware […]

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