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Caribbean UFO videos: author confesses hoax

The 35-year-old Barzolff is a professional animator who attended one of the most prestigious art schools in France and has a decade of experience with computer graphics and commercial animation.

It took Barzolff a total of 17 hours to make both the Haiti and Dominican Republic videos. He did it all by himself using a MacBook Pro and a suite of commercially available 3-D animation programs, including Vue 6. The videos are 100% computer-generated.

To prove that he was truly behind the videos, Barzolff agreed to provide the L.A. Times with a new spacecraft video. Called “Proof,” the video depicts a small version of one of the spacecraft floating above a Paris street. As the camera pans over, the viewer sees two elderly women at a cafe. One of whom is holding a remote control device. Humorously, of course, this video makes use of computer graphics as well. …

Barzolff stressed the videos were not intended as a viral marketing ploy. His movie is still in the idea phase, and he created the hoax strictly as a “sociological experiment” — in
other words, just to see what would happen. What happened far exceeded his expectations. …

Barzolff called the results of his experiment “entertaining, thrilling, completely addictive, and a little scary.” The scary part, he said, was that in spite of the evidence, “many people refuse to believe it’s a hoax.”

LA Times: It came from outer space (reg required)

Read a the text of the article on UfoUpdates. It’s the same spaceship indeed, and a very humorous proof of authorship. The spaceship is actually extremely detailed, which couldn’t been seen very well on the original videos. If only he had taken the task of creating different palm trees…!

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