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"Evil Aliens": Nicely trash UFO movie

On the first episode of “South Park“, Cartman is abducted by aliens who implant him with an anal probe that unfolds into a giant parabolic antenna. Sticking out of his ass. If this is the kind of humor you’re prepared to enjoy, then “Evil Aliens” is a movie you can’t miss. Perhaps not by coincidence, the first scenes of this flick also feature an abduction with an anal probe, but here the humor is presented with buckets of blood.

With a nonsensical script, “Evil Aliens” nevertheless gives the UFO and paranormal enthusiast a lot of obscure references that suggests the writers did their homework. From Ley Lines to mentions of Doug and Dave, one of the most interesting details to the fans must be the aliens themselves.

The aliens wear a kind of space suit, complete with a special atmosphere for they to breathe, something quite rare on more recent alien reports.

But the out of fashion suits are an almost exact reference to the ones reported by the first abductee… Brazilian farmer Antonio Villas Boas.

Luckily for Villas Boas, the aliens he met were not as evil as those in Jake West’s flick. But the sex he made with a female alien, well, that’s another point in common with the nice movie comedy.

[This is NOT a sponsored review! The movie is silly and fun, watch at your own risk!]

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