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Fake UFOs: Best Evidence

Very funny… the serious and not so funny thing to consider is that this video is not much different from footage claimed (and believed by some) to be real, taken by the infamous Billy Meier:

Note the pendulum motion. This was actually studied by Bruce Maccabee, who noted the “spaceship” above was perhaps one foot in size. That’s coherent with Meier’s other “spaceship”, the Wedding Cake craft, which was a garbage can lid.

Now, back to the funny thing:

And then, one more serious comment. Note how both funny “UFOs” show some distortions, some vertical lines along very bright areas. That’s because those regions are so bright they saturate the electronic sensor and “bleed“. That can result in either white lines, vertical or horizontal, or in black spots (for instance, when you photograph the Sun directly). It all depends on the sensor and electronics of your digital camera. Cheaper ones usually do worse, though all electronic ones are affected in some way or another.

This artifact has already fooled some believers. In 2003, a group called “EuroSETI” made a presentation on the National Space Centre, in Leicester, UK, and showed images captured by the SOHO satellite with what looked like flying saucers in profile. Why the hell would flying saucers always appear in profile? Such questions did not bother them much, as the images were already explained by NASA as the artifacts we discussed above.

There’s also the case where someone photographed the Sun, which showed up as a black spot, and sent it to the Brazilian UFO mag, which published it as a “Static point in the sky“.

Ufologists should know better.

[Hat tip to MarcianitosVerdes]

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