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Forteana on parade

Amazing Japanese video with funny references to many classic Forteana, from cryptozoology to UFOs and ghosts.

As some of them are only famous in Japan, I compiled a list in order of appearance:

  1. Mothman;
  2. Chupacabras;
  3. Bigfoot (with a ghost face in the background);
  4. Tsuchinoko (crypto-creature famous in Japan);
  5. Nessie (hand, this was a nice one);
  6. Alien with FBI/KGB/Gestapo agents (actually a “Talk of the Times” newspaper hoax);
  7. Flatwoods Monster;
  8. The Doll with growing hair (another typically Japanese Forteana);
  9. Aliens play with cattle mutilations and…
  10. Crop circles, by drawing Doraemon;
  11. A play on a famous Australian sea serpent photo;
  12. An explanation for Japan’s mystery guardrail metal shards;
  13. The standing Lesser Panda that was the sensation in the land of the rising Sun.
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