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Identified Videos

What may look as an intriguing UFO video — with the object clearly moving — is nothing more than… Venus! Part of the series of Identified Objects by fellow Chilean researcher Marcelo Moya, the movement of the planet here is only apparent:

“I made it myself by slightly moving the videocamera, leaving the wall as a reference point, and without losing this “UFO King” from sight, as they call it.”

Moya also made some experimentation with a simple point of light reflected on a transparent glass bigger than the frame of the video:

Note how the point of light seems to fade when it goes “behind” the wires. But that’s just clever trickery, it’s nothing more than a changing reflection.

Moya also recorded the quick flight of the International Space Station over his head:

These are valuable examples of known IFO videos. They may not look as impressive as the Haitian or the Italian hoaxed videos, but misindentifications and hoaxes as simple as these are much more common and may fool many.

Other references of IFOs are available on Caelestia, or the IFO Database.

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