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Ischia Porto "UFO" video

Reportedly taken on September 19 by “Andrea” in Ischia Porto, Italy. Interestingly, there is allegedly another independent video of it taken from a different location by one Antonio:

And then, even bizarrely, there seems to be yet another independent video of it by one “Rusty”:

An image taken from this analysis suggests there is a hole on the bottom of the object:


There’s also this stabilized video. It does look like a hot-air balloon, including the seams. Not only that, it looks like a hot-air balloon depicting a model of the Earth, complete with different colors for each country, and the pale blue oceans. This was also noted on the OpenMindsForum.

With so many alleged independent witnesses and at least three different videos, we hope someone will reach a more definite conclusion about it.

[Heavily based on the links and information posted by mysraki on the OMF]

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