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Spielberg on UFOs

Full documentary “UFOs Are Here!”, featuring: Steven Spielberg, Stan Deyo, Jacques Vallee, Prof. Allen Hynek, Stanton Friedman, Margaret Mead, Ken Arnold, Betty Hill, Rev. William Gill, Klaus Nobel, RAAF Sqdn Ldr White, Ray Palmer and Colin Cameron.

Produced in 1977, it’s very interesting to listen their opinions thirty years later. Most of them are also deceased now. Rev. Gill, for instance, passed aways a few weeks ago, so it only adds to the value of these interviews.

At that time, president Carter, who had previously reported a UFO, was promising greater things for ufology. And Spielberg was about to release “Close Encounters”.

This is the same documentary from which I excerpted some clips and commented some time ago, I didn’t know it was available in full on the internet.

[via Anomaly TV]

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