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Those amazing Haitian/Dominican UFO videos


Being promoted on Youtube and Rense, the videoclip has surpassed a milliong viewers in less than three days! It may be no surprise that it’s a hoax and the UFOs are computer graphics, but what my surprise even the seasoned skeptic is that the whole video is computer generated — including the palm trees, the sky, sun, everything!

This was first noted by user “Jskun” on the ATS forum, who noticed the palm trees are too much alike:


Then member “Bridas” on the same forum noted how the demo of a 3D software, “Vue6” from e-on features extremely similar palm trees, and almost exactly the same look and feel that we see in the video.


Click on the image to check the demo video of Vue6.

Brazilian CGI expert and UFO enthusiast Phlipe Kling David also wrote us that: “It’s computer made indeed. Not that good, but interesting. … The author forgot to rotate the palm trees model. They are all pointed in the same direction. … You can’t really tell if it’s a hoax, as it may be from the portfolio of a computer graphic artist. This emphasizes what I wrote before: photos and videos do not prove much. … Hoaxed videos and fake images will always exist. Which, in my opinion, doesn’t disprove the existence of UFOs. Just because there are hoaxes, it doesn’t mean everything is hoaxed. Just like because there are UFOs, it doesn’t mean everything is a UFO“.

Update: It seems that it was “Shiv” in the OpenMindsForum who first noted the palm trees came from the Vue6 software, on August 11th. And over at French blog Ovnis-USA, Didier de Plaige shares this image from Saladfingers123456:


It’s allegedly a study of one of the Dominican UFOs (click to watch the video). Saladfingers123456 is more well-known for producing many reconstructions of another CGI hoax (though a much better and well-thought), the “CARET drones“.

He sure is extremely quick in creating those reconstructions, as well as very capable. At least one person has already suggested he is in fact not recreating, but the real author (or one of the authors) of the Drone saga. He could possibly be the author of this latest Haitian/Dominican hoax too.

Either way, creations or recreations, he sure is talented.

Update: “ProjectDreamland” over at the ATS forums posted this:


Update: Caribbean UFO videos: author confesses hoax

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  1. tomi01uk August 13th, 2007 2:52 pm

    Hi Kentaro Mori

    Please visit and read the link below.

    Your posting was generally picked up and circulated through UFO updates, that’s how I found this blog.

    You do the UFO matter serious harm by your assumptions. The points made in the above link can not be overlooked. It is indeed serious time there was a manner and means that photos and videos can be tested and the hoax aspect weeded out of the submissions, but to post your opinions based on scant research as fact is not helpful, sorry, but it’s jmo.

    The persons you refer to as doing CGI creations (salad fingers as well as those others) are well known to us in the forum. We see their creations mid production, post production and we disuss them thoroughly and repeated as those doing these CGIs to mark their work as such.

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    maybe you can give designer contacts?

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