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Truzzi’s "Zetetic Scholar" available online


The first five issues of the “Zetetic Scholar”, published by Marcello Truzzi, are available online for download on George Hansen’s website. As Luis Ruiz Noguez points out:

“The consulting editors are impressive. We see an incredible and unrepeatable mix of believers and skeptics of all camps of the paranormal world: Milbourne Christopher (magician and skeptic), Persi Diaconis (mathematician and skeptic), Martin Ebon (writer and editor of paranormal subjects), Christopher Evans (magician and skeptic), Martin Gardner (science writer and skeptic), Michel Gauquelin (astrologist), Bernard Heuvelmans (criptozoologist), Ray Hyman (psychologist and skeptic), J. Allen Hynek (ufologist), David M. Jacobs (ufologist), Edward J. Moody (parapsychologist), Charles T Tart (parapsychologist) y Ron Westrum (writer in paranormal subjects).”

All edited by Truzzi. You can’t, no, you shouldn’t miss them.
[via Note Zetetiche, Paranormal Trickster]

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