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UFO photos: Adamski scout ships

Location: Palomar Gardens, California, USA
Date: December 13th, 1952

Adamski scout ship

One of a series of four photographs taken by George Adamski near Mount Palomar, with a Kodak Brownie coupled with a six inch telescope. It shows a Venusian scout ship, in its second visit to the contectee.
All planets of the solar system being inhabited by beings similar to ourselves, besides the Venusians (“Orthon”), Adamski also contacted Martians (“Firkon”) and Jovians (“Ramu”). He travelled to the Moon, where he saw cities on the Far Side, as well as to Venuys and the other planets, including a seminar given to aliens in Saturn.
The main message of the extraterrestrial is one of peace and warning about our nuclear weapons. “Boom!”, Orthon the Venusian said.

Comment: Adamski’s photos are actually pictures of small models. A telescopic image of something at great distance shouldn’t show different parts of the same object focused or not, even if it was ten meters wide, as it’s claimed this ship was. Either the object would show up completely focused, or completely unfocused as seen by the telescope, being almost one kilometer as far.

As Arthur C. Clarke, who exposed the case in 1954, noticed, the focus problem is evidence of a small model photographed at short distance. And in at least one case, with the help of Scotland Yard, he established that the object photographed should have been inside the telescope.

But there’s much more to this case. Adamski’s “photos” are also retouched and include a drawing.

Adamski scout shipAdamski scout ship

Compare the two images above. They are two versions of the same alleged photograph. See how the upper part of the ship is blurred on one image, and how the bottom part is strangely lit on another. Those cannot plausibily be distortions due to different prints and copies: one of the images has been retouched, and both probably were. We are not looking at a photo, it’s in fact mostly a drawing.

This is much clearer on another of Adamski’s images:

Adamski scout ship drawing

The image at left is supposed to be the altered bottom of the scout ship — the cover over the spheres disappeared. Not by photo retouching, it’s claimed, of course. At right we see a comparison between this photo and a detail of the more well known image at the beggining of this page.

Not only the “altered” image is a copy, it’s also a drawing. No wonder Adamski always refused to offer his original negatives for analysis.

It was later claimed that Adamski’s Venusian scout ship was an art deco hatcher. According to French ufologist Henry Durrant, “it was just part of a lamp of an artificial hatchery, with three ping pong balls at the bottom used as landing gear!“.

See: Why I can say that Adamski was a liar
And: Intiki UFO Shyashin (Japanese)

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  1. Robert January 10th, 2008 1:54 pm

    In 1964 I was in Grade 10 and became quite impressed with Adamski’s tales. That changed when I read his story of creatures living on the moon. He made a ludicrous statement about a habitable zone near the edge of the sunlit surface. I don’t recall details – just that at the time I instantly realized he was a LIAR. I then examined his claims more critically and concluded that he was trying to make a living out of highly suspect claims (basically B.S.). The centre he had established to promote his claims “smelled” like a “for profit” cult.

  2. Robert January 10th, 2008 1:57 pm

    Something recently reminded me of Adamsky & I decided to google him to see what had become of his hogwash. It’s been a long time since I thought about him.

  3. Anti-Gravity Tube | forgetomori April 24th, 2009 10:58 pm

    […] help but comment that in the heyday of the contactee era, in the 1950s, and as epitomized by George Adamski, it was common to claim flying saucers were able to fly in the sky (and space!) by manipulating […]

  4. Fred Earl Schollars September 4th, 2010 3:28 pm

    This is where I read about the UFO which I saw and had a close encounter with at the age of 4 and a half, in the Summer of 1950. I mentally asked to go for a ride but I was told. “No. Not now. Not yet.” After shooting 3 rolls of caps at it, I then moved silently back East as I was still looking to the North and just across the street. 20 years later, I saw a photograph of the George Adanski photograph and realised ut matched what I saw as a little boy. Sincerely, Fred E Schollars at [email protected] .

  5. Chuck January 2nd, 2011 11:39 pm

    From time to time, I enjoy reading about ufology and most of my attention focusses on alien ships and people.
    There’s something that I cannot well understand and would like to contact (via e-mail) a person or persons who can give me a technological or scientific explanation about the similarities among George Adamski’s alleged Venusian scout ships and some disk-shapped flying machines developed by Nazis during WWII.
    Have Venusian scout ships been inspired in Nazi flying machines or Nazi flying machines in Venusian scout ships? Their shapes look almost identical.
    Such similarity is quite suggestive to me and today I’m in a serious doubt as it regards to which of them are (or were) true saucers. As per what I read, there’s no way to demonstrate what Adamski photographed and no Nazi ships seem to have survived.

  6. Fubar April 8th, 2011 1:12 am

    Dude have a look at Nicolai Tesla. Just type the name in Google search and see what pops up! You will like the Tesla hidden files. You will find that Tesla is the instigator of the cigar-shape mother ship and scout-ships forms. The whole charade can be traced back to -as early as 1911. By the way these basic shapes were copied and used by the Nazi’s as well. More scientific explanation can be found when looking at the coanda effect, which dictates such a saucer shape.. Have fun…

  7. Chuck April 19th, 2011 12:23 am

    I always read, or seek to read, about UFO and their technology as well as about extraterrestrial life forms, particularly intel
    ligent ones, and even attempt to make some personal research..

    A curious matter about which I still could not find a coherent
    reply from other investigators to whom I contacted is this: why
    George Adamsky saucers are so similar to those that Germans ap
    parently designed, built and flew during WWII? Some say that A- damski story is a hoax, others say that Nazi UFOs is too Which
    one is true or which inspired which, or its a mere coincidence?



    P/S: your personal reply will be very highly appreciated

  8. Fubar April 19th, 2011 11:42 pm

    The Nazi’s had a host of excellent technicians to their disposal. I also should mention: enough funding, to experiment, and a ‘do’ or ‘die’ attitude. A closer look at their design studies shows that the aforementioned design-teams at Henkel and Messerschmitt produced some wacky, but aerodynamically sound designs. With money and labor at your disposal, why not try to built it? The saucer shape could be one of those designs that made it of the drawing board.
    Adamski in my opinion was nothing more than a great story teller, period. Since I don’t believe in coincedence, I’m sure (for what’s it worth) that Adamski got his story from doing research..

  9. zacharis brandt March 28th, 2012 10:42 am

    Chuck, you asked for more info. Yes, I’ve been inside one craft most similar to the one in the photos. It was a 15 minute informative meeting and they showed me things way beyond human understanding and knowledge. Such as that they in the blink of an eye made me see my own aura. I saw some technical things that I at that time (1967) did not understand, not until abt 1998. The most prominent feature was the complete absence of scales and figures and any instrument whatsoever. Just a strange kind of 3D map inside the wall. My mechanical wrist watch stopped during this meeting and was found to be 15 minutes late when I came home abt 20 minutes after the meeting.

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