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UFO photos: Black point in the sky

Location: Brazil
Date: September, 2004


The above image is a reproduction made by our reader Diogo Rodrigues Gonçalves of a series of photographs published on section “Cosmic Encounters” of the Brazilian UFO magazine #98. The magazine reproduced the story told by the photographer, E.O. (name redacted by us), 25 years old, from Arujá, São Paulo, under the title “Static point in the sky”:
I was distracted when I observed a static point in the sky. The weather was good, but viewing the object was hard as I was against the Sun. What intrigued me was that, for around 15 minutes, it didn’t move. And as it suddenly appeared, from nowhere, it disappeared. I have no witnesses for the fact, as I was alone at the moment“.

Comment: How did Diogo Gonçalves reproduce the image of such an intriguing “static point in the sky”? He explains it in one phrase: “You just have to photograph the Sun, the bright area tunrs up black, it’s that simple!”. He used a digital camera, and the electronic sensor cannot cope with the glaring, direct light from our star. The result is, ironically, a black spot.

We suspect that the reader who sent the images and the report to the Brazilian UFO magazine was playing a (nice) joke, that endedup being published without any analysis. In his story, he actually mentions that he was against the Sun — the “UFO” — and how the Sun didn’t seem to move for 15 minutes. It’s indeed wonderful how the Sun comes up every day, and some hours later vanish much the same way he appeared. The time he gives for his “sighting” also seems to match the elevation of the Sun on his images.

We just think that half the world was probably witnessing the same “UFO” at the time.

[With thanks to Diogo Rodrigues Gonçalves]

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