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UFO photos: "Disco" saucer

Location: Nashville, Tenessee, USA
Date: September 27th, 1989


Craft made on Pleiades Commanded by the Orions from planet Almintaka. Planets Confederation (c) Cosmic Intelligence Awareness
The funny source for the images also relate it to some “Commander Graham Bethune of the US Navy“, and tell us that despite the incredible images, the flying saucer was actually invisible!

Comment: On January 2002, british skeptic James Easton confirmed that the invisible flying saucer was in fact part of a special effects rig used in shows and discos during the 1980s. The smoke and lights are not part of the Almintaka’s planet propulsion systems. Their purpose is to help Earthlings to get in the mood. The inspiration for such strange artifact probably came from Spielberg’s “Close Encounters”.

James Neff, from Jeff Rense’s website, also got an image that clearly shows the rig used on a show or disco.


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