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UFO photos: Mexican "flotilla"

Location: Periférico-Defensa Nacional, Mexico City, Mexico
Date: December 1, 2003


This video was promoted on a website, now offline, called ufosshop.com, which publicized UFO “investigations”. It was also publicized on international ufology discussion lists with the following description:
This sighting is of interest because the presence of two UFO fleets was reported (the first fleet is the one which caused other UFO research groups in the area to mobilize) and it allowed the witnesses sufficient time to record the extraordinary succession of events. This video shows only three of the phases: The second flotilla of spheres, a sphere and an elongated object.

Comment: We analyzed the video, but it didn’t take much to realize that what one can see above, supposedly a fleet of “elongated objects”, are actually office lights reflected on a window.


ufoshop3Not unlike the ones at right, or even the ones that may be lighting you at this moment.

Those are fluorescent lights with light diffusors. 

People usually don’t mistake reflections on a window with huge alien spaceships over one of the most populated cities in the world. Which suggests that either those responsible for the video maliciously promoted it as alleged UFOs, and/or at some point someone didn’t check anything at all.

The video also showed a second fleet of “spheres” in the sky. Those could also be reflections on a window, but another video showed them on the open air.

ufoshop4We assembled a crude panorama from the video, which allowed us to pinpoint the cinamatographer’s original position.

Mexican researcher Luis Ruiz Noguez, used to solve the many “mysteries” promoted on his country, located and visited the place:

I located the building. It’s on the corssing between Periférico and Las Palmas avenue. It’s a heavy traffic area. The shot was taken form the Polanco zone, pointing to Las Lomas (close to, but not on Defensa Nacional, as originally claimed). One of the buildings that can be seen is, effectively, the Conservatorio Nacional de Musica. As there are no other reports for these objects from other areas on Mexico city, the only option is that the UFOs flew away: they were balloons, and that’s why nobody paid them any attention (only the ufologists). If theu were alien ships, they would have stopped the city, it would have been worldwide news“, he told us.

Reflections on a window and balloons. No UFOs here.

See: Mexico City UFO

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