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UFO photos: Villa’s shiny discs

Location: Peralta, New Mexico, USA
Date: July 16th, 1963


One of a series of photos taken by contactee “Paul” Villa. In close contact with the space brothers since he was five years old, Villa finally arranged to take photos of the flying saucers when he was over his forties.
The image above is from his first series, taken in 1963. Telepatically instructed to drive his truck, alone, to the meeting point, he then faced a flying saucer with an estimated size of twenty meters. The saucer had nine occupants, four men and five women. Spacewomen, of course.

Villa_1Comment: Villa’s images have something difficult to define, similar to those from Adamski or Billy Meier. At first sight they do not seem so blatantly faked. Leaving the wild storied aside, one can wonder if the photos at least could be real without looking that much insane. At right, another image from Villa, with his pickup truck up front and the saucer at the background.

But in the end, the story and the images from Apolinar “Paul” Alberto Villa Jr. are too good to be true. Because they are not.

William Spaulding, from the now extinct Ground Saucer Watch, pioneer on the computer analysis of UFO images, analyzed this particular image from the many taken by Villa:


Through digital enhancing filters, Spaulding could uncover the strings that held the saucer in the air. Villa hanged the strings on the trees around to hold his flying saucer models, which were not larger than one meter in diameter.

villazoom1 villazoom2

Other methods adopted by Villa included the classic throwing of saucers in the air, and sometimes, not even that. Below we see what is supposedly a telepathically controlled probe with over two meters in diameter. That is, according to Villa:


If you noticed the giant grass at left, you may wonder why Villa didn’t speak about this amazing side effect to objects close to the probe. Of course, it may be that the grass was of normal size, and the alleged probe was very tiny. The same probe can be seen in flight:


The background is the same. If the disc had a sizeable dimension, the photographer should have been at some considerable height to be able to capture this geometry. There is a small shiny sphere above the probe, which could have been held by a string, or simply thrown in the air.

This case teaches an important lesson: do not believe in the shiny discs.

See: Les photos de Paul Villa

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  1. Leopoldo Zambrano Enríquez September 8th, 2008 7:59 pm

    Dejo este sitio. Abajo a la izquierda, hay otra fotografía de Paul Villa, en donde se aprecia que el ovni es un objeto no mayor a 30 cm. El reflejo en la parte baja confirma que está sobre el capó de la camioneta.



    L. Z. E.

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  3. Claudio July 21st, 2012 6:17 am

    I think Paul Villa’s pics series made in Albuquerque in june 1963 are very interesting and much difficult by fake it!

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