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Take a look at the image above, and answer quickly: is it real? If it’s not, how was it made/faked?

The first thing I thought when I looked at it was how fake it looked. Surely another 3D computer model. Nice detail for the birds, though, there’s one flying right in front of it.

But if you click on the image, look at the full megapixels version and read its filename, the truth may surprise you.

That disc is real. It’s not flying, as the trick here was that the support was crudely erased with Photoshop, but the fake looking disc is actually real. I’m told by a reader that the structure is for the pigeons. Nice lesson on how your eyes may be wrong, even when they are “skeptical”, huh?

Here’s another interesting one. The image below wasn’t altered in any way, and depicts a 100% real scene. And there were indeed those hundreds of witnesses there.


Click on the image for the original. Can you guess what it really is? The answer will be posted as an update for this post tomorrow.

[images sent by Ringo on alt.binaries.ufo.files]

UPDATE: And the image above is… of two F-18 fighter planes crossing each other. Ta da! I’m told they must be the Blue Angels. These real images that, nevertheless, are not what they look at first sight remind the best UFO photo ever.

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