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White Sands "UFO" crash video

Mike Smith has already compiled a summary about the video, concluding that “it seems safe to conclude that this video shows something being officially tested at White Sands – maybe some sort of top-secret missile – but certainly something that was expected, something that eventually made its way to Maussan, who then began promoting it, perhaps a bit dishonestly, perhaps just prematurely, as the crash of an extraterrestrial craft”.

But there’s also the investigations of Chilean investigator Rodrigo Fuenzalida, published on La Nave de los Locos in January 2001, “Crónica de un misil anunciado“:

We started to conduct several analyses. The first of them was to watch it repeatedly and in slow motion the impact, after which we discovered that what looked like a compact bright structure was something completely different. It’s rear region showed movement similar to that of a flame. Also, a tenuous smoke trail could be seen. Everything seemed to suggest that what was allegedly a lenticular and luminous UFO was actually a big mass of flames, expelled by some kind of structure. After a compression of the image, we could see the body, that indicated more clearly the hypothesis considered from the beggining. Everything pointed to a military test.

… After presenting my hypothesis in TVN news … some members of AION associated with the army contacted me. We conducted a new analysis on air, this time inviting the defense analyst Roderick Bowen, who presented some diagrams and photos of missile tests that showed exactly the same effect. Mario Pizarro, AION member and Army instructor, identified the missile as an SEII, used during the Gulf War.

I couldn’t locate more information on the SEII missle, nor any video of a missile test where the rocket bounced. But it should be no surprise that missiles are capable of bouncing on the ground, given that some are designed to penetrate meters of solid concrete.

It’s just a shame countless hours have been wasted on this video just because its original source is a sensationalistic quack who wouldn’t clarify where and how he got it, as that would certainly reveal exactly what it was.

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  1. Hmm March 12th, 2012 3:31 am

    A missile fully-engulfed in flames… that bounces…? Oh.

  2. Mori March 13th, 2012 5:14 pm

    A missile capable of penetrating 2m of reinforced concrete?

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