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Authentic video of overhead objects in the UAE

Impressive video. Too good to be true? Well, actually the UFOs are no digital hoax. They are real objects up there. See how they come in and out of focus nicely along with the rest of the scenario.

This could have been faked digitally, but it would be a damn good job, and we actually know how it was created anyway. Can you guess it?

The author of the video, one Nick Wilty, clarified everything in his myspace page pointed at the end of the video, but for some reason he removed it. Not before we watched it. It reminds us of the best UFO photo ever.

Select the hidden white text below to read the answer.

Answer: Wilty filmed inside a large shopping mall in the United Arab Emirates. The ceiling of the mall is painted like a blue sky with clouds. That’s the “sky” we see. And the alleged UFOs are just lamps in the ceiling. Note how some are not on. The rain at the end was digital trickery, Wilty admitted.

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UFO Garakuta


Believe it or not, this cute Gremlin is actually a Japanese toy figure of the classic Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter.

Some suggested the encounter actually involved owls and much misperception. From owls to this figure, well, it would have been quite a ride. The Pelican likes it. Continue for more pictures of the toy figure.

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"Signs" on a sugarcane field

This is kind of boring, as the glyph is just a mess. But for the sake of completeness:

“A curious event was recorded on a sugarcane field in Riolandia, near Votuporanga [Brazil]. In an area close to the Rio Grande, the sugarcane was smashed and formed a strange drawing in the field. The image is unexpected. Among the 22 acres of the field, a circle was created with the sugarcane stamped in the ground, in an area of about 60 meters in diameter. No plant was extracted, and around them all remain firm. To ufologist Jorge Neri, the signs show that something very strange happened in the place.”

Click the image above to check the video on TV TEM, a local channel. There are more details in Portuguese on the Diario de Votuporanga news item.

And among those, we learn that the only eyewitness associating the smashed sugarcane with UFOs is the owner of the small hotal near the field. Mauricio Pereira da Silva candidly comments about how “now this place looks like a tourist attraction, everyone wants to see the place where the UFO landed”.

As if this wasn’t convenient enough, around two weeks ago the movie “Signs” was aired in TV. Even though it’s somewhat old already, it caused some commotion, as web searches for terms like crop circles or even the alleged footage of an alien disrupting a birthday party simply boomed.

Ufologists say they plan to investigate the case, but have already expressed their certainty that this involved aliens.

Would the humble hotel owner and sole eyewitness be our Latin Mel Gibson? In any event, we suggest having many glasses of water, and for those interested in visiting the place, be sure to have asthma.

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UPDATE: The event has been all the rage in Brazil. There are many news items about it, and I’ll sort and link them later. For now, let me note that:

1- The whole city, and our Latin Mel Gibson, are exploring the event commercially and have no shame about that;

2- Some other ufologists, from the Brazilian UFO mag, also visited the place, and will probably publish their finds later. But they are not very critical in their approach, having been duped many times before.

And there are more photos here.

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UFO Garakuta


Small figure based on an infamous photo of an alien with KGB/SS/FBI agents. According to the Mexican researcher Luis Ruiz Noguez the photo was in fact originally published in June 1950 by the USA based small paper Talk of the Times.

The news item mentioned one McKennerich, from Phoenix, and explicitly claimed this was a Martian who came out of a saucer hit by rockets. Even Keyhoe considered it a hoax.

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"And yet, it expands"?

Ladies and gentlemen, with you the incredible Growing Earth Theory!

According to this truly revolutionary theory with ever expanding new horizons, the coastal lines of the continents do not fit together only in the Atlantic ocean, but on the Pacific and in fact all of them. And if you join everything together, throwing away the oceans, you will end up with a perfectly joined sphere with all the continents, sans oceans, with nearly half the size of the current planet.

Therefore, it’s only obvious to assume that in the last few million years, instead of a fracturing supercontinent forming many moving tectonic plates that would be the world we know today, the Earth has in fact been expanding in size since the age of the dinosaurs.

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