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Interview with the aliens: the audio recording

Brazilian contactee Antonio Alves Ferreira interviewed his alien abductors, Riaus and Telione , when their flying saucer landed. That’s not news. The news is, the aliens graciously allowed Ferreira to record the interview. And we have that recording right here.

It was made in two languages — Portuguese, spoken by Ferreira, and the language of the Protu planet. From where the aliens came from, of course. The full length interview is more than 45 minutes long, just click play to listen to it:

The quality is unfortunately worse than terrible, as it was all recorded on cassette tape more than two decades ago. I tried to filter some noise out, but it also filtered some of the voices and sound effects, so I decided to upload the original, without filtering.

Even the parts where clear Portuguese is spoken cannot be quite understood. It’s not that important, since the parts where “Protu” is spoken are not translated by Ferreira, so we would miss at least half of the conversation anyway.

This recording was made available thanks to Eustáquio Patounas, from SOCEX, the “Society for the Study of Aliens“, who kindly authorized this reproduction.

Of the endless things that a debunker could say about the recording, I’ll first mention that it’s really adorable. Ferreira introduces the aliens in the beginning, and in the end thank them for the interview, just like a gentleman should. He has a slight country accent, and the background noises do remind me of cars and trucks. But they could be from inside the flying saucer, obviously.

Also, you never hear Ferreira speaking at the same time as the aliens. Just like a real gentleman, including one impersonating aliens, I should mention. The Protu language is reminiscent of the Tupi-Guarani language spoken by native South Americans, except for that vague robotic intonation that can be produced when you speak inside a box or something. Like hands.

Granted, there are some “alien” sound effects in the recording, strangely they also affect Ferreira when he speaks Portuguese.

According to Patounas, who met Antonio Ferreira, the man is “intelligent, smart and very, very creative“. Well, honestly, I did find the recording adorable.

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Orphans: how to talk to the dead

Click to see how to talk to the dead . With Nicole Zapruder, who “has been communicating with the dead since she was 4 years old.”

Zapruder introduces the “Grey Walter-Berger Construct”, a video with flashing lights and an Australian voice speaking. After watching it you would contact the dead. It’s interesting, and the references to Hans Berger and William Grey-Walter were actually erudite. Something was odd with that website. Nicole isn’t selling anything. That, and something like the not so subtle mention to the movie “The Orphanage”. Wait, maybe she’s selling something.

A quick look at the registrar information for the website domain didn’t reveal who was responsible for it, but it did reveal that it is hosted on the same server as the website of a company called “The Topia Project“. There it was.

Topia is an Australian advertising agency, and the movie “Orphanage” will be released there on May 29. Zapruder’s website went on line this past May 7, and there seems to be no reference to anything a psychic with that name ever did before. Zapruder probably doesn’t exist.

I emailed them asking for confirmation that the website is a viral to promote the movie. I congratulated them for the amount of creativity and research they must have put on it. It would be actually interesting if there were people promoting this “Grey Walter-Berger Construct” (what a name!).

It would still be despicable exploitation of those missing their deceased beloved ones, via self-hypnosis and pseudo scientific mumbo-jumbo, but it would be something slightly new and with a cooler name. Walter and Berger were real scientists, who were actually involved with psi research, as well as having contributed to mainstream science.

Besides, you have to love that detail about how “Nicole’s next project will be the website ‘Communicating with your deceased pet‘.” Using that “Grey Walter-Berger Construct” you would probably hear annoying barks and meows in your head.

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God, UFOs and Pareidolia

“On February 28, 1963, over in Arizona, U.S.A., a constellation of seven angels appeared to a man named William Marrion Branham in the form of a ring shaped-Cloud. These seven angels came from the presence of God revealing to him the hidden mysteries that were sealed in the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation. This was to inform the people of God of the perfect will of the Father in preparation for the oncoming millenial reign of Jesus Christ upon this earth.” [William Branham.com]

Few times have science, angels and UFOs intersected as in the case of the Cloud of God. As you can read in the excerpt above, the cloud was seen as a divine signal. And it was a real event, witnessed by thousands, with multiple photographic records. It was published not only on Life magazine, it was also the cover story of Science .

And, more surprisingly, it was indeed as a divine cloud. Slightly heathen, however.

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You can measure a circle…

Loren Coleman is (tongue-in-cheek) skeptical about the claim that the Shroud of Turin represents Bigfoot from the Six Million Dollar Man TV series. There must be indeed a connection, since the back of the Shroud of Turin image has a full footprint, which is anatomically impossible as the figure had his legs straight. Such a gross error cannot be casual, it MUST HAVE a meaning. My guess is that if you read the lines in the footprint you can determine the chronology planned by the Illuminati for the Second Coming.

Meanwhile, Mac Tonnies highlights the resemblance between the Flatwoods Monster and Xenu.

Nice collar.

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“Nazica” Lines on the US

Long before crop circles, but a few centuries after the Nazca Lines, the US had the Nazi Air Marker Hoax:

“On August 10, 1942, the U.S. Army’s public-relations office released a statement informing the press that fliers for the First Ground Air Support Command had discovered “secret markers” in rural areas of the east coast. These markers, apparently placed by fifth-columnists, appeared innocent from the ground but acquired a sinister meaning when viewed from the air. From an aerial perspective they formed arrows “aimed directly at airplane factories and airfields.” Evidently the purpose of these markers was to guide enemy bombers straight toward targets of military significance.”

Read more about it on the Hoaxipedia.

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