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Tiny Blue Dot

Yet another one on the series of videos showing a truly vast cosmic perspective.

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[email protected]: for real

It’s full of falling stars! But wait a minute. There are even more videos from this same user. Does he waste every night looking at the sky? Does he goes through hundreds of hours of videos searching for meteors? Is this a hoax?

No, he just uses a fantastic piece of software that automates mostly everything: the UFOCaptureV2! It’s joined by the UFOAnalyzer and the UFOOrbit. The whole package automates the process of detecting unusual phenomena in the sky, and even attempts to automatically classify and analyze it.

Check the samples of videos captured by the software: meteors, birds et al and, what I was quite skeptical when I first saw it, even sprites, elves and jets! Of course, it wouldn’t be worth its name if it didn’t also capture UFOs.

The software is free for use for 30 days, and the price is more than worth it, as the developer actively adds features and corrects bugs, being also available in support forums. For less than U$5,000 one would be able to set up a system, and that’s from scratch: the most expensive parts would be the high-sensitivity night camera and associated optics, and the dedicated PC.

I’m completely flabbergasted and excited by this piece of software and its results. This may look like a paid advertising post, but it’s in fact simple candid enthusiasm.

You see, it took science, and those brave real scientists, a lot of effort to even prove and accept that meteors exist – rocks do fall from the sky. Then, sprites, elves and jets were only confirmed scientifically – by accident – less than twenty years ago. It involved special research equipment and even the the Space Shuttle. This is really new, advanced stuff.

But now, you can confirm the existence of these phenomena literally at the comfort of your own home, giving a new meaning to armchair research. Check unusual sky phenomena just like you would check your email.

The resulting data will also make robust physical evidence, as the setup automatically records time, you wouldn’t be changing places much often, and it even automatically tries to estimate various data such as angular sizes from a built in star map system. If several people aim at the same area of the sky, it would make amazing physical evidence. Just like the Japanese are already doing to track meteors, lightning and all.

I’m really excited about it, and plan to promote and setup a system here in Brazil, a hotspot for lightnings and, local ufologists claim, UFOs.

Not convinced yet? Take a look at this (and the video). Did you know meteors could do that? More images and videos can be seen here.

There’s more UFO software suggested by the French folks of RR0, and my personal discovery of this gem came yesterday thanks to Odin from Ufofu.

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The Caratinga “Vortex UFO”


“This June 23, 2008, around 5PM, a strange “UFO” appeared in the skies of Caratinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Many people saw it and some were able to capture it in photos.”


Not only that, it was also captured in a cell phone movie. And, of course, put on Youtube!

It looks like a classic example of what we call a “Vortex UFO”, the most spectacular one being the Viborg “Jellyfish”.

[Photos by Carlos Albert, shared by Joanes]

UPDATE: I posted higher-quality versions of the two photos above, along with a witness description of the event, over at the Portuguese website. Another pal kindly sent me the original image files and other videos, but what I present here is truly the best of what was captured.

There was an expo going in the city near where the “Vortex UFO” must have come, and the only questions remaining is exactly where did it come from and how.

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Imaginary Animals – Alexandre Jorge


Amazing series of works by Brazilian artist Alexandre Jorge. And made with… papier maché!Click for more.

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The strange. The bizarre. The unexplained.

A penguin. Atop a pine tree. Or, if you prefer, el pingüino en un pino. Ta-dah!

Jaime Maussán, this courageous UFO and paranormal investigator in Mexico, and another piece of the unexplained conundrum of the mysterious world of the enigmas.

The father of the respected witness even saw the penguin fly afterwards. Wow!

Incidentally, another brave Mexican paranormal investigator, and friends with Maussán, is called Santiago Yturria Garza. That’s Spanish for heron. Maussán? Well, that’s Spanish for what Penn & Teller call their show.

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