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New crop circle harvest


After a couple of years of not that impressive formations, this year’s crop circle season has nice works like the one above, spotted in Wiltshire on… 08/08/08. Click for more images – the formation is allegedly a reference to the lunar eclipse, following the recent trend that also included references to the pi.

Meanwhile, in USA, a pizza delivery company created the thing below in Denver. What it lacks in complexity and subtlety it makes up in… color! Achieved through cedar mulch for the pepperoni and corn stalks for green pepper. Click for more.


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Capturing Lightning

This is certainly one of the most amazing vid eos I’ve seen in a while. Watch as a lightning develops, from a myriad of branches going everywhere, to the point where it finally touches the soil, and becomes a single – and seemingly eternal – discharge.

It’s been published on Today’s Big Thing and mentioned on Gizmodo, but there’s actually no details as to its source and how it was captured. Which, justifiably, raises some doubts. It could be a hoax, or perhaps just an illustrative recreation, but in any event, it is fantastic.

It does bring to mind the formation of Lichtenberg figures, and seems a rather accurate depiction of how we think a lightning may develop in real life.

And it could be real, which would just make it one of the greatest videos ever. We desperately need to know more about it.

UPDATE: Two updates. First, the video is real. Second, it was captured by Tom Warner of ZT Research, who asked for the videos of his works to be removed from the Internet, as it’s part of an ongoing research. We hope he publicizes them officially soon, they sure deserve every bit of the attention they got. And they are real!

Thanks to Fabio Romero, researcher who first put Warner’s videos on Youtube, and to Note Zetetiche, for pointing a discussion thread on Stormtrack which also identified the origin of the videos.

UPDATE: Warner made 14 videos available on his Youtube channel!

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Official UFO investigator ID card

Foto9_Modelo_Carteira_SIOANIs From the editor:
We follow with the second part of Edison Boaventura’s work about the first official investigations of the Brazilian Air Force into the UFO subject, detailing some strange cases and presenting an exquisite treasure from his files:

The official ID card used by UFO investigators, informants of the Brazilian Air Force’s CIOANI – Center for Investigation of Non-Identified Aerial Objects. All images presented here are exclusive material from the official SIOANI’s files now in Boaventura’s hands.

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Montauk Monster: Raccoon or Pug?



Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo reference on things cryptozoological gives a review of the media phenomenon, as well as further quotes of more experts stating it was actually a raccoon. But the two images above do suggest otherwise.

The Montauk Monster seems much too fat to be a raccoon. The ears and eyes also look much more like that of a pug. Decomposing bodies do get bloated, but I guess not that much. The only thing strange for a pug in the Montauk carcass are the seemingly long legs, but I suspect there may be pugs with slightly longer legs. And I think it’s more plausible to suggest decomposition may make the forelegs look slightly longer than the whole body, including the head, eyes and ears, to look that much distorted.

But I’m a layman, I never saw a raccoon in my life, except at a distance in the Zoo here in Brazil. I even found searching for dead animal images deeply disgusting. Therefore, expert opinions are more than welcome.

I know experts have already said, since the beginning, that it was a raccoon, but not that I’m saying they are wrong, but I do suspect otherwise and would love to see more conclusive evidence.

One has to admit that at first sight, it does look much more like a pug than a raccoon.

But then, it’s a pity the carcass is seemingly lost, and no definitive DNA test will be conducted. Look at this dead raccoon:


Bizarrely, it does look similar to the first pic of the "Monster":


As animachina aptly portrayed:


Is it possible that the second set of pics is from another carcass without muzzle, and we are dealing first with a raccoon and then with a pug? Hmmm that seems highly improbable. But then, they certainly look more like a pug.

Again, expert opinions are more than welcome.

UPDATE: Craig York points to this nice verdict by Darren Naish that nails it as a raccoon indeed, pointing to the absence of signs of a pronounced brow, and the telling digits of the hand.

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Extraordinary explanations

Watch the peculiar video above, and pay attention to the wandering point of light that comes from the upper right to the bottom, when it suddenly splits, giving out a straight intense ray-like shoot. Now, what was that?

Was it an alien spaceship with a drunk driver expelling some excess fuel? Or rather a giant meteor braking up in the atmosphere, in low speed? Perhaps a ginormous insect firing a laser gun? Check below a graphic showing the intriguing trajectory and sequence of events:


If we had that video alone, perhaps people would be wondering for good what exactly that was. Luckily, that was not only captured by the previously mentioned UFOcapture software, it passed over Japan where a network of UFOcapture stations are active. It was simultaneously filmed by three different stations, distant many kilometers apart.

It was identified as to what it really was. The answer, plus some thoughts, after the jump.

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