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CARET Drone: this time, for real


Oh, no! Not the Drones again! You may have thought.

But the image above is very real, as it is the photo of a fabulous scale model “Drone” created with resin. No computer graphics involved, and the white strings you can see are indeed what’s supporting the model.

Click for higher resolution photos of this beauty – as the Drones indeed are very nice aesthetically. Be sure to check the creation process too, an amazing work by HPO from the Drone Research Team, who used sophisticated rapid prototyping machines for all the tiny pieces.

Personally, I think this is as real as the Drones have ever got. They may have been originally inspired by an X-Men episode, but in any event, as long as they keep exploring it this way, I sure enjoy the results.

You may have seen the video clip previously. [via Ovnis-Usa]

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The atheist and the witch


If you, like me, became confused with the disturbing image comparing Richard Dawkins and Emma Watson, keep reading.

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Size Matters

And ours is infinitesimally small. The video is yet another in the series showing size scales, and the graphics are not particularly beautiful…

But the soundtrack and composition are nice, and going to the limits of the observable Universe sure is amazing. I bet you will hit replay.

By the way, the music is “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg.

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Cold solitude, filthy sins: not so metaphoric


Scientific American published a few days ago an interesting interview with social psychologist Chen-bo Zhong, who researched how some metaphors of the mind are not so abstract. When people feel socially excluded, they literally feel colder, and:

“When people’s moral self image is threatened, as when they think about their own unethical past behaviors, people literally experience the need to engage in physical cleansing, as if the moral stain is literally physical dirt.”

I wonder if this is related to some other fascinating research, such as the ones with the rubber-hand illusion. This already classical illusion involves people feeling a rubber-hand is part of their body, and tellingly, that their own hidden-hand no longer exists. What has been found in a recent research is that the hidden-hand slightly disconnected from conscious awareness experiences an actual drop in temperature. That is consistent with the finding that schizophrenics also have a lower body temperature. Perhaps people socially excluded not only feel colder, they may actually be colder. I hope further research may investigate this.

Granted, I don’t think unethical people are physically dirtier than ethical ones, so this is not all so literal, but this link between abstract concepts and perception also reminds me of synesthesia, and some wildly interesting current research is worth pointing out.

Ferrine Spector and Daphne Maurer, at McMaster University, conducted experiments that suggests all of us may have some degree of superposition between our senses.

“Significantly more people than chance, for instance, associated the smell of mushrooms with the colours blue or yellow. Lavender elicited the colour green and the texture of sticky liquid, while ginger was perceived as black and sharp.”

Another experiment, by Ursina Teuscher at the University of California, found that many people who didn’t declare themselves synaesthetes managed to produce associations quite consistent with synaesthesia.

These works were mentioned at New Scientist, and suggest more intermingling between our senses and abstract concepts than we commonly assume.

If you have been reading this blog since last year, then you know we here think we don’t actually think the way we think we think, as we are all zombies, so this is not all that unexpected.

As a filthy debunker, I must also speculate that these largely unexplored unconscious associations between different senses and concepts may have an even more unexplored relevance to psi research. If people consistently share an unnoticed bias, that could affect several experiments attempting to investigate telepathy, for instance. What may look like a very small but consistent anomaly could be product of such bias. Which is not supernatural at all.

Now I have to go to the shower.

Cold and Lonely: Does Social Exclusion Literally Feel Cold? (PDF);
Washing Away Your Sins: Threatened Morality and Physical Cleansing;
Psychologically induced cooling of a specific body part caused by the illusory ownership of an artificial counterpart;
The colour of Os: naturally biased associations between shape and colour;
Neural constraints on synesthetic mappings and conceptual metaphors: The case of time and space.

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UFOs over Brazil on October 14?

A video has been posted on Youtube, and several reports are coming from social website Orkut, about one (or several) UFOs seen over Brasilia, capital of Brazil, on October 14. The video above is the most interesting of the batch, where the sender writes that:

“I was in the bus stop near the Itamarati when I saw the excitement. People were pointing to the side of National Congress and showing a set of bright objects that were approaching us. I got my cell phone and quickly recorded the video. Unfortunately until I began the recording I lost some seconds, including a sharp turn that they did apparently over the firemen HQ at the end of Eixo Monumental. Amazing. I run over to home to send this video! I’m still excited!”

Some ordinary investigations after the jump.

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