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“Project Grey”: Intruders in Fiery Communion


Five friends go camping, but only one comes back alive. All due to evil Grey aliens. But if those nasty creatures weren’t enough, the sole survivor also has to deal with flying balls and government agents who want to convince him it is all due to his imagination. Oh, those government agents, always too skeptic.

Click on the image to watch the preview, and check also the official website for the Canadian movie. Produced with limited resources, the visual effects are what you would see on a cheap TV series.

I have not seen the movie, but beyond the slightly kitsch, there may be some cult, at the very least for those who love UFOs. The scary scenes with the aliens we see in the preview portray scenes and even drawings that are all too familiar, seen countless times on magazines and bulletins. And compared to that, this is a blockbuster.

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