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Yet Another Alien Autopsy

A new “alien autopsy” video which you can see above has been doing the rounds on Youtube for a few days already. Amazingly, more than a dozen years after the Great Alien Autopsy Fiasco, about which Ray Santilli has finally confessed used sheep’s brains (on the alien, not his), some “ufologists” are still discussing if this is not real.

Or, if it’s fake (it is), if it’s not too elaborate to be the work of some misdirected artist. Disinformation, psyops, MIBs, etc. And if the alien is too small, rather than assuming this is because of limited resources, why not consider how detailed the thing is, then? Could it be real?

Let us claim that no, it can’t be real. “Of course that’s a model”, Brazilian artist Philipe Kling David told us. Besides his digital creations, David also excels exactly on the creation of small model figures, like this “Sinister Werewolf“. He noted some of the problems he saw on the new alien autopsy:

– The things is humanoid. The structure suggests it walks on two legs. But then, how come the bones are flexible? You can see the head changes its shape with pressure. Besides, the head is visibly sculpted.
– This is a nice model, created with silicon, latex or make-up gel. There is a strong possibility that it’s latex foam, the stuff used in professional stop-motion figures. Latex foam is relatively easy to use and was very common in Hollywood in the 1980s for make-up. It has this consistency we can see in the video. The main characteristic of latex foam is that it has no transmission, that is, light doesn’t penetrate the “skin” layer like it does in real skin. Our skin is not opaque. And this detail, noted by make-up effects legend Dick Smith, revolutionized the area when the first translucid silicon for make-up was introduced.
– See how it’s hard to cut silicon. Real flesh is easily cut. We may assume that alien flesh would be similar to ours, since it follows a physiology so much like ours.

This recent video is yet another one on the long series of Alien Autopsies, and Mexican researcher Luis Ruiz Noguez compiled almost all of them on Perspectivas (in Spanish). Of special note is the “Autopsia Trucha“, and Argentinian reproduction of Santilli’s footage, done with a very tight budget, and the 20/20 Alien Autopsy, perhaps the best one ever made. Because they are all fake, of course.

Philipe Kling David himself has created some admittedly fictional alien scoops, like the Tasso Fragoso alien photos or the Uberlandia captive alien. All digital, all created by talent and with a slight provocation to the strange world of ufology, where finding our place in the Universe involves seriously discussing Youtube videos.

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  3. Randel Smith November 15th, 2009 4:59 am

    The best way to tell it is a fake is the gloves in use. They are not surgical gloves, which are sized and must fit very tight to be of use. Those are industrial ones similar to what you would use to wash the dishes, coming in small, medium and large, etc.. !

  4. Aaron February 17th, 2010 12:54 am

    The nurses at my hospital use the same gloves, so you never know…

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