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Video: Giant, alien, elbowed squid

It’s a creepy footage, underwater, night-shot, shaky camera and, of course, a monster. All the right ingredients for another Internet viral – as the video was indeed being spread by email.

But the image is very real, and the horrifying creature is “just” a squid. Granted, a giant, obscure and particularly bizarre squid genus: Magnapinna. Around 7 m in lenght, possibly more, it purports very long, thin arms spread like the structure of an umbrella, as if each arm had an “elbow”. Scientists speculate that that stops the arms from entangling. It’s not easy being a giant squid.

This is not actually the first video of the species that at first glance look a lot like the aliens from Independence Day – given the first video footage of Magnapinna was taken in 1988, we may guess who inspired who. Click the alien with open wireless Internet and without antivirus in their computers for more videos. Of Magnapinna, of course.


Want to have sweet nightmares with giant squids? The graphic below may be useful. In order, all the known large squid species circling a poor little fellow. From left to right:


Mesonychoteuthis, Architeuthis, Dosidicus, Taningia, Onykia, Magnapinna, Kondakovia, Galiteuthis, Megalocranchia, Asperoteuthis.

More on The Other Gigantic Squids [via NatGeo]

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