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Man wakes up 1,000 feet from the ground


“A mystery is puzzling the inhabitants of Córrego Bananalzinho, rural area of the city of Rio Bananal [Espírito Santo, Brazil]. Construction worker Odair José Berti, 35, doesn’t know how he ended up atop a rock around 1,000 feet high, where he stood for 17 hours. He was rescued by the firemen in a risky operation that lasted for 12 hours and ended yesterday’s night.

Even to the experienced firemen that were there, such as sergeants José Ailton and Caldeira, the event doesn’t have a logical explanation. According to them, access to the top of the rock is extremely difficult, even with the use of proper equipment. (…)

Odair himself was scared with the happening. He lives in the city of Colatina and decided to visit his brother, who lives in Córrego Bananalzinho, where he arrived Wednesday’s noon. As he was very tired, according to what he told relatives, he went to sleep early. The next day, when he woke up, he was startled when he realized he was atop a rock. Desperate, he started to scream and wave his shirt, until someone saw him.

After being rescued, the construction worker was using shorts, a shirt and sandals and, according to the firemen, didn’t have a scratch in his body. He was, however, debilitated as he was thirsty and hungry. (…)

The rescue operation involved a team of four firemen. They were called around 1:40PM. When they realized the seriousness of the situation, it was almost night, and they thought about using a helicopter. But as the aircraft doesn’t fly at night, they decided to climb the rock instead. With the help of locals, they spent more than an hour to get to the most appropriate point do climb. The operation lasted for around an hour. Climbing down, two firemen lost themselves and got out of the area with the help of locals. Sergeant José Ailton had several bruises in his feet due to the climbing.

Relatives of the construction worker claimed he doesn’t have mental problems. Odair is divorced and lives with his mother.”
From A Gazeta: Homem acorda em alto de pedra e não sabe como chegou lá

An interesting, albeit slightly contradictory, story. Did the rescue operation last for 2 or 12 hours? Perhaps it’s just badly written: the operation itself lasted two hours, but ten hours had already passed from the moment the firemen were called after near 2 PM.

If the firemen took around an hour to climb the rock with equipment, then we may conceive someone with sandals might have been able to climb up there, without injury, if he was lucky and fit. And, most importantly, in daylight, contrary to the rescue operation at night. That certainly is more plausible than what most people may be thinking now… something that begins with “ab” and ends with “duction”.

Other people may remember Fortean stories, the annals of which this case may be added, because it’s at the same time just slightly puzzling, but more importantly, kind of amusing.

UPDATE: The case has been solved (probably).

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