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Complete trash, you know. It’s just a guy inside a box sticking his head out from a hole, and to make things worse, the body over the box seems to be of a real dead animal.

But it’s so terrible you may want to look for more, and in that case, check this page, with more ManBearPig, including even an octopus and the head of a woman with a different wig.

I don’t understand what they are saying, but it does seem Chinese, as the text in the website, that bizarrely is actually an image of the text. The website also seems to have only that one page. A lookup of the domain name reveals that the website seems to be hosted in Spain, and even to be registered there.

This all puzzles me, because the one other example I had seen a year ago of such ridiculous thing was in Arabic and referred to a girl cursed. And it seems to be exactly the same setup, if not the same place.

The fact I don’t understand Arabic or Chinese may solve my puzzlement, as in both videos people may be speaking the same language, but I would really like to know what the heck this is all about.

UPDATE: The page with the videos has been updated revealing it’s all a viral marketing ploy topromotea music festival. Lame.

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