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Metallica: Tunguska, Zombies and Chemtrails

The Tunguska explosion is the start for an alternate history where the event brings in a mysterious alien organism that produces spores, which in turn are capable of producing zombies. The Soviets afterwards use the discovery for their “revolution”, launching the spores over the USA, only to watch the ensuing zombie chaos. Their offer of help comes when the country is no more, and giant soviet robots rule over in the cleanup with the USA as part of USSR. But playing with zombies may have side effects.

It’s the new amazing video for “All Nightmare Long” by Metallica, and it’s not only completely awesome for all zombie-giant-robot-loving geeks, it’s full of references to all of us that are also Fortean-lover nerds.

Of course, it all begins with Tunguska, and the video clearly suggests it was an alien event. That is obvious. But what about the zombies? The pseudo-documentary reel shows the soviet “Volcano Tunguska and the Revival of Organisms”, which if you are a true Fortean you will associate with “Experiments in the Revival of Organisms”, documenting disembodied dog heads kept alive artificially by Soviet Dr. Sergei Bryukhonenko.

Watch the full original Soviet documentary and discover a couple more Fortean references after the jump.

There’s much discussion as to if the experiment we see recorded in the film is real or if it was simply a reenactment of the actual experiments. Either way, the concept is real, and Dr. Bryukhonenko actually conducted those experiments.

Surprised to find that such kind of things were real? Then, you may also find it interesting to know that the method used to spray the fictional zombie spores over USA is also historical fact. It’s a reference to the Fugos, Japanese fire balloon bombs used during the Second World War that were some of the only successful direct attacks on the US continent.

Though more than 9,000 fire balloons were launched from Japan and some hundreds managed to get to North America, only one incident caused six deaths. But the major fear was that the exact same balloons could launch chemical or biological attacks instead of just incendiary bombs. Japan never resorted to this, at least using the Fugos.

Fugos are also of interest to UFO enthusiasts because they were covered up. The government censored all information about the Fugos from the press, leaving the Japanese in the dark as to if their effort was being successful or not – they had hoped to launch a series of massive forest fires and affect the morale of Americans. The press complied, and the first public news about the Fugos were circulated only when there were the first (and only) casualties. The program by this time was already being dismantled in Japan. So, the cover-up was successful and reasonably justified.

There were some incidents, though, where some farmers saw the strange looking balloons crash, the authorities recover everything and tell them to forget all and not tell anyone about what happened. This would later be, coincidentally or not, part of the UFO mythos. I wrote a short essay (in Portuguese) about this, and will later translate and publish it around here.

And that’s all, folks. Can you find more Fortean references? Please share them on the comments. Kudos to Roboshobo, director of Metallica’s video, you can watch some of his other works here. He must be a fellow Fortean.

Oh, there’s the final seconds contemporary radio talk about chemtrails, that is.

UPDATE: The viral campaign for the video, involving the fictional claim that Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett found the footage,  clearly acknowledges the inspiration on Bryukhonenko’s experiments. It also points out to ??????? (Polygon – 1978), by Anatoly Petrov, which is indeed amazing and is the inspiration for the second-half of Metallica’s video. And finally, but perhaps most important to us here, it also mentions where the balloon idea came from. This viral (?) blog for the video, The New Kremlinology is actually pretty interesting on its own.

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  3. keleigh and matthew February 7th, 2009 12:36 am

    Was this thing that Metallica showed in the video(youtube.com) real?
    thankx for every thing:)
    keleigh & matthew

  4. […] Mori over at Forgetomori.com wrote another great Blog post recently under the Fortean section. It’s the excellent video […]

  5. Josh January 3rd, 2010 8:28 am

    a bit of fun (sic) coldwar history, the soviets had a few of the launch ready r-36m icbms equipped with aerosol dispensers for anthrax and a weaponized strain of ebola, that they were considering targeting at large urban centers like los angeles and chicago.

    (source: http://www.astronautix.com/lvs/r36m.htm )

  6. Austin December 18th, 2010 2:09 pm

    wow, the video on the bottom was gross but suprising and wonderful at the same time. Those dogs were so cute, especially the first one (he was my favorite). See human kind can use these same things NOT for EVIL, but for GOOD. Only if there weren’t such corrupt and wealth driven bastards in the world would it be a nicer and safer place for all.

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