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The fable of the dolphins and the giant

Once upon a time, on a very distant communist kingdom, there were happy dolphins, jumping around on the Fushun aquarium. But one day, the beautiful aquatic mammals swallowed some plastic objects. And they became stuck on their stomachs.

The poor dolphins lost appetite and were very, very sad. Worried about them, the kind veterinarians tried to remove the objects using tools, but the creatures, scared, contracted their stomachs. They couldn’t remove the plastic objects. All hope was lost.

That was until Bao Xishun, the tallest man in the world, was called in. With an arm more than a meter in length, Xishun simply slipped it down the dolphins throats (or the equivalent dolphin organ). Problem solved. The little plastic pieces that remained were digested by the saved dolphins, and everyone lived happily ever after.

Amazingly, this tale (apart from my unfunny story-telling) actually happened, and there’s a video to prove it. Now, in a thousand years it may become a new fairy tale. [via core77]

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