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The strange. The bizarre. The unexplained.

A penguin. Atop a pine tree. Or, if you prefer, el pingüino en un pino. Ta-dah!

Jaime Maussán, this courageous UFO and paranormal investigator in Mexico, and another piece of the unexplained conundrum of the mysterious world of the enigmas.

The father of the respected witness even saw the penguin fly afterwards. Wow!

Incidentally, another brave Mexican paranormal investigator, and friends with Maussán, is called Santiago Yturria Garza. That’s Spanish for heron. Maussán? Well, that’s Spanish for what Penn & Teller call their show.

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  1. F89 October 1st, 2010 10:35 am

    Kowalski! Status report!


    SKIPPER! I’ve done it, I can FLY!

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