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Remembering Forgetomori ’2008


The year when cryptozoology made the news with the Montauk Monster and the Bigfoot Halloween costume has been full of stories around here on Forgetomori. Keep reading for a review of mostly everything we posted about in 2008, with a selection of the best things you may have missed.

[Above: the best pareidolia ever processed with Fractalius]

We started the year with the human-faced mango, highlighted stories about ancient airplanes in Egypt or even centuries-old jets in America, the growing Earth theory, explained a seemingly morphing “spiky UFO” filmed in Brazil and reported on the buzz around here over “signs” in sugarcane fields. Incidentally, we published for the first time the photos hoaxed by Almiro Baraúna, famous for the Trindade Island case.

Our pick of the month: the essay on the attack of the invisible gorillas.


The comprehensive 206-page report “Norway in UFO Photos”, Paxton’s ideas on cetaceans, sex and sea serpents, found backwards speech in adult movies, asked whether the Caesars were astronauts?, presented the curious Prince Rupert’s drop and more videos from the creator of the infamous Haitian UFOs.

Our pick: a debunking on Lenard Walson’s “mystery space machines.


A video on Project Orion (“to the stars, through nuclear bombs!”), just how slightly humid is our piece of rock, a follow-up on the Brazilian sugarcane “Signs” ending up with banana circles.

Highlight: Brazilian’s artist Philipe Kling David’s video of a “captive alien”. It’s still going on around the Intertubes, despite David’s clear disclaimers that it’s just fiction and art.

Yet another alien autopsy video, yet another dubious video involving the non-existent Apollo 20 mission to find a spaceship in the Moon – and an alien with boobies –, the link between Colombian terrorists and alien abductions, and as a revenge, running over aliens, the curious sheep circles and other divine signs, reflections on transhumanism, thoughts about a single Planet of the Apes, musings on the Great Dark Cosmic Side Coincidence and the photos of the marvelous beings of light and the not so marvelous giant jiboia snake.

Don’t miss: Dogu figures, Jomon Jedi?


The nice story on the Mpemba Effect (with a comment by someone who was there!), an unsolved photo of a shadow ghost, a solved photo of a Pizza UFO, a post with God, UFOs and Pareidolia, another exclusive: the audio interview with aliens from the Protu planet, behold the Giant! Space! Vegetables!, and the real-life fable of the dolphins and the giant.

A sincerely touching parody: Non-Abductees Anonymous

A report on SIOANI: the first official investigation on UFOs by the Brazilian Air Force. Following the movie, Indiana Jones and the Lost City of Dysentery, our surprisingly small radio bubble, gory, exclusive photos of the house that dripped blood and the nice, fictitious (or is it?) Orion Conspiracy.

Conform: How to create a cult: The Asch conformity.

We reported on the solution to the case of the house with squirted blood, the archetypically Fortean story on hearing meteors, the still not explained mid-air collisions with UFOs, video and photos of the Caratinga vortex UFO, a Brazilian Werewolf, comments on the brouhaha over Ed Mitchell’s claims.

Serious business: accessible tools for recording UFOs in [email protected].


The amazing report about the Channel Islands UFO sightings, the Montauk Monster identified as a dead raccoon (we thought it was a pug), exclusive report on the official UFO investigator ID card issued by the Brazilian Air Force (those were the days… or not), fascinating videos capturing lightning, musings on the alien panic, imagery for the classic ‘Gauche Encounters’ by Martin Kottmeyer and really extraordinary explanations.

Not-so-serious business: the lamest photos ever received.


Ghostly simulacrum, a hypnotizing infinite zoom, a game Velikovsky would approve, blatantly false shiny saucers, the bizarre yet real Helicoprion, the extremely bizarre hoax played by the school and police in the UK.

Our pick: Jet-flying Gorillas.


Our second pick of the month: Hit by a particle accelerator beam.


Victory: Brazilian ufologists gave up on their outraging abuse of Carl Sagan’s name (abusing Galileo’s instead), a solar garden-lamp UFO video, a dinner tray UFO video, a rapid-prototyping model of the CARET drones.

Don’t forget to Wash away your sins.

A UFO zaps a beam to he ground? (Not). Rumors on chupa-chupa attacks in Brazil solved as mere… rumors. The lead-masks case reviewed. A long-exposure ghost. The Brazilian Lost Thunderbird, and the case of the man who woke-up at a 1,000 300 feet.

Our big hit: the best pareidolia ever.


Alien attacks a boy. With a knife. Pareidolia in the hips. Puzzling video of UFOs flying in formation over Chile… exactly as airplanes do. Metallica dives into zombies and bizarre Fortean history, as we estimate the data bandwidth of the male reproductive organ and comment on more serious studies attempting to explain psychedelic imagery. And speaking of the brain, a trippy Photoshop filter and mental cats.

One of the best news of the year: the Magonia website is back online.

– – –

It’s been an amazing year, and I must thank you all patient readers, including those that ended up quoting this ordinary blog in Fortean Times (some guys named Roberts and Clarke in the October issue), as well as a certain Frauenfelder that repeatedly linked to us on that BoingBoing thing, which I heard is some kind of famous website or something. Even that Pickover put some links to posts around here.

I cannot also forget about all the other illustrious links and recommendations coming from The Anomalist, Coast to Coast AM, The Daily Grail, Posthuman Blues, Bad Astronomy, Pharyngula, Ufomystic, PreCognitive Dissonance, Marcianitos Verdes, Note Zetetiche, UMAfan and, I’m so glad to be able to write this, the so many others that I can’t list them all here.

But I thank you all and each of you.

To top it all, these links and recommendations come not only from multiple languages and countries, but from “skeptics” and “believers” alike. In fact, most of the web traffic to Forgetomori came from the Coast2Coast website. My sincere thanks.

We are all in this together, there are so many extraordinary things out there. I hope you enjoyed the ordinary investigations presented here, and I promise to keep up with the ordinariness in 2009.

Happy New Year!


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  1. Carlos Magno January 4th, 2009 12:15 pm

    Come on Mori, hope 2009 you’ll finally show true videos and true photos on ovnis. There’re lots of pictures drown away from NASA secret records showing what in fact exists on the Moon and Mars soils.

    The crew found out parts of damaged alien crafts, abandoned pyramids, caves, monuments built inside the caves, skeletons and corpses. They’ve been observed by aliens walking around as well as by ovnis flying very near the rockets. They’ve taken pictures and made out videos.

    I’m not inventing anything, you can easily find this subject by searching certain internet sites, you know it very well, it’s no more secret. Why going on ignoring such things?

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